“Lila” the lamb arrives at the nursery in a nappy

“Lila” the lamb arrives at the nursery in a nappy

Warm welcome: It was sunny and above 20 degrees on Thursday when Leela, the cow-lamb, was a popular playmate at a nursery school in Churnadal. Photo: Private

Oda (5) and Silas (1) are their little faithful friends in kindergarten.

will be Cow and lamb Farmer Olav Meesingset (40) wanted Lila (1 month) to wait a little longer after giving birth.

It was not immediately popular among the 25 children at the Kindergarten at Moe Apwexcentre in Surnattal. Because Leela is a social lamb. She likes to be at home with her children.

– Kids love it. They should care about animals. Board member Leanne Moen tells VG that Leela sure looks great when she comes to nursery in a nappy.

The children are looking for the lamb. But be careful not to be too abrupt. And Leela doesn't mind the attention at all.

Special Diaper: Lila uses a nappy indoors – a small tail with its own hole. Photo: Private

Olav, a goat farmer and kindergarten father, compares a lamb to a dog.

– It probably thinks I'm the mother, because it follows me around like a little dog. Leela loves herself in kindergarten. Kids love Leela. He explains that the copper lamb should be in a napkin – so it doesn't splash around.

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A cow lamb is a lamb that needs to be milked from a feeding bottle. She couldn't feed them because the mother died – or because there were too many lambs.

Koppalamma is usually humble and happy around people.

Little Leela was tiny at birth. So perhaps Olav and his family had a particularly warm heart for this cow-lamb.

Cuplap: Leela likes to jump. And children in kindergarten are eager to follow. Photo: Private

– It's only one kilo. And the mother had too many lambs to care for. That's why Leila was one of ten co-lambs with us this spring, says the farmer, who in addition to Leila also has Silas (1) and Oda (5) in the nursery.

He likes to go on nature trails with his family at home in Surnadel, Northmore, County Mor and Romsdal.

Then Leela is happy to follow. Then she stopped wearing diapers. But a harness is fitted – so she can walk in a band. like a dog

MIDDLE POINT: Lila, the nursery's youngest lamb, is a newborn this spring and is often surrounded by children. Photo: Private

– What does the future look like for Leela?

– Now she can enjoy herself more freely. Because she's so small – she won't be put Before 2026, Olav will have 40 goats – and 24 dairy cows – on the farm.

The principal of the small village school in Mo Upwexcentre was also pleased with the participation of the youngest in the sport.

– They get to know animals and nature intimately. That's positive, says principal Marit Christine Mikkelsen Choiseth.

Then it's time for Lila to leave the nursery with her siblings Silas and Oda.

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Plans for the weekend:

Oda and Lila love to run around the house on the farm.

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