Lilbjörn Nielsen will be buried today – and his companions will sing on the guitar

Lilbjörn Nielsen will be buried today – and his companions will sing on the guitar

Many other artist friends will also sing at the funeral.

Lilbjörn Nielsen slept peacefully on Saturday evening, January 27, at the age of 73. The municipality of Oslo honors him by making the city hall available.

The City Hall opens its doors for the open celebration at 11.45, and the party itself starts at 13. Since 11am there has been a long queue to get in.

Relatives want everyone who wants to say goodbye to have the opportunity. There is no prior registration, and the hall can accommodate 900 guests.

on. 150 guests were invited by the family. These places are reserved, inform the City Council Secretariat.

All guests must go through a security check at the main entrance.

– No one has described our city more important than Lilbjörn, Mayor Anne Lindebø told VG on her way inside.

Steinar Ofsdal has cooperated with Nilsen for many years. He will give a speech and perform.

“This is a bit private,” he told VG on his way inside.

Lilbjörn was a little angry for a while, but I never imagined this would happen. He explained that we planned to reminisce a little soon.

Ofsdal last met with Nielsen on Christmas Eve.

– Then I was at his house with Zahra.

Mayor Anne Lindebo will deliver the opening remarks.

At the family's request, taking photos or filming during the ceremony is not permitted. The funeral will also not be broadcast.

Technical elements

The three surviving friends of Gitarkamateratene, Jan Igum, Halfdan Sivertsen and Øystein Sunde, will perform Nielsen's classic song “Se altivit lyst på lifet”.

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Tova Sivertsen, Frida Anevik, Marius Graf and Oslo Strings will sing “Good Night Oslo”.

Guitar friends: (formerly) Lilbjörn Nielsen, Halfdan Sivertsen, Jan Eggum and Øystein Sunde in 2014. On Friday, the latter three pay tribute to their late friend. Photo: Roger Newman/VG

Ossie Cleveland, Nielsen's friend and former colleague, will be among those who will speak, whether in the form of a memorial address or closing remarks.

Hallvard T. Bjørgum will play Hardinge's fiddle.

Musician friend Steinar Øvsdal will give a memorial speech and will also perform the song “Gategut” with Lars Klevstrand.

Ofsdal will also perform “Dance not Cry Now” with Nielsen's ex-wife Kari Svendsen.

Friends: Lillebjørn Nilsen and Åse Kleveland played together in Ballade in the 1980s. This photo was taken in 1992. Photo: Brun, Agnete / NTB

Minister of Culture Lubna Al-Jaafari will be present.

And also Mitty Tverley, Head of the Chancellerysays the words of remembrance.

The Bolteløkka Girls Choir will perform the song “Rainbow Children” at the end of the concert.

Memorial Booklet: This is given out at the funeral and is also published on the memorial page. Photo: Gullstad Funeral Home

Lilibjörn Nielsen, who had three marriages, left behind his wife, Mairid Imlach, and his two daughters, Siri and Sarah Nielsen.

«rest in peace. I was loved and missed», survivors write in obituaries. It also states, “A gift is as dear as flowers =Oslo».

Special photo – swipe to take a look into the life of Lillebjørn Nilsen:

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Funeral costs are shared between Oslo Municipality and the family.

Nielsen received a number of awards throughout his life, including six Spelman Prizes, the Brøysen Prize, the Culture Prize and the Artist Award of the City of Oslo.

And in 2022 it became Knight First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav.

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