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Lily Benders: - The ambulance took him

Lily Benders: – The ambulance took him

filling the day Lili Benders TV Profile He’s 76 years old and he’s having a big party with his friends. Now, however, the 76-year-old can reveal to Dagbladet that she had only been taken to the emergency room by an ambulance the day before.

I suddenly had severe stomach pains, which were so strong that I had to lie down straight, says Penderes, adding that she thinks she must have eaten something she was reacting to.

The video was originally published on on 01.11.2014 Hard Feelings: Sunday is the premiere of “Power of the Spirits,” and the start of the season includes a drama about divination by Lily Benders. Video: TVNorge
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Strong reaction to pain

– I had a severe reaction of pain and some breathing problems, then they felt nervous around me, so they called an ambulance and took me to the emergency room, the profile continues on TV.

However, the 76-year-old adds that he is doing well and notes that there will be a birthday party tonight.

– All the tests were good, and I can tell TV viewers that the heart, lungs, stomach and everything – it’s OK, continues Benders.

When the TV profile was in the ambulance, she admitted that she felt it was the day before Christmas and that she felt “stupid” that it would be too sexy. According to Benders, it was primarily those around her who were nervous.

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– This was totally unnecessary. The 76-year-old thinks this goes away on its own.

– Did you scare yourself?

– No, then, I wasn’t afraid at all. I’ve had some stomach issues before, so it was just that it got too strong, so people around me got scared. I was not afraid. I’m usually never afraid.


– Are you feeling okay today?

– Great. Very Wonderful. I’ve been up since eight in the morning today, and the phone rang all at once. So I’m “going hard,” and I’m looking forward to company tonight, Christmas kid answers.

Although Benders is feeling totally fine, and not scared, she admits that such an episode is thought-provoking.

In the past, one believed that life was fragile. Things can happen very quickly. So my motto is that I should live each day fully and completely, and remember when evening comes ‘Today I had a wonderful day, although there are challenges and things one might not wish to have on that day. But I learned something today, I experienced something today’ And I must thank you for what life serves me.”

– “Oi, was it a coincidence”

Benders admits she’s very much looking forward to celebrating tonight, especially given the pandemic where she hasn’t had the chance to meet and hug.

– So just being with good friends. And dance! Bendriss shrieked what she was most looking forward to.

The 76-year-old can also reveal that there will be DJs and entertainment for Christmas – quite a few guests will come.

– It was very interesting because when I got back, now it can be changed during the day, he was 76 – and I would be 76 years old, says Penderes laughing, and continues:

Christmas greetings: On the occasion of her 36th birthday, Katy Perry received a warm welcome on her Instagram account. Video: Instagram Reporter/orlandobloom: Christian Ruth Christensen
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– Then I thought: “Oi, it was a coincidence”, but things like that always change, so we’re probably about 80-85 I think.

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