‘Lindmo’ lost 100,000 viewers at its premiere – VG

'Lindmo' lost 100,000 viewers at its premiere - VG
We strongly believe that Anne Lindemaux: Head of Entertainment at NRK, Sharlo Halvorsen, has great confidence in Anne Lindemaux and “Lindmou”. – It is unfair to compare viewership ratings last fall, he said.

From its season premiere last fall—through its premiere this weekend—Anne Lindmo lost a total of 100,000 viewers. But that doesn’t worry NRK’s ​​head of entertainment.


Viewership numbers obtained by VG from NRK’s ​​analysis show that the first broadcast of “Lindmo” on Friday was watched by 462,000. After four days of reruns and NRK TV, this number reached 523,000. The total viewership of the first program in the fall of 2020 reached 623 thousand.

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– When the status is more than half a million viewers, it is difficult to be satisfied. Moreover, it’s not fair to compare the viewing numbers now to those we had in the middle of the pandemic last fall. If there’s one thing the pandemic has worked for, says Charlo Halvorsen, NRK’s ​​director of entertainment, it’s been watching TV.

Satisfied: NRK’s ​​head of entertainment, Charlo Halvorsen, is very satisfied with Lindmo’s viewership numbers despite being down 100,000 compared to last fall.

Despite the fact that Frederic Scaflan has started now The last season of a talk show And TV 2 earlier this year Let «late night», Halvorsen is not worried about the future of television talk shows.

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Growth is not in linear vision. The important thing is to be present on the platforms where people are. We should be present everywhere with a program like Lindmo. She has her own podcast, the show is growing on the streaming service, and it’s visible on the front page of nrk.no. The Entertainment Director will follow that the total space will be large.

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He says he has no violent thoughts about TV 2’s priorities on talk shows.

– Skavlan has been going for 25 years and Senkveld has been going for a long time. It’s time for everything. If you can’t be where the audience is and stick to fixed airtimes, you’ll be what they are now, Halvorsen says.

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Despite the low viewership, he still has a great faith talk show as a form of the show.

– My time horizon is eternity. Think of a talk show as a framework for a program. It comes down to how to fill that frame. It’s all about content and publishing, Halvorsen says.

Not convinced: TV director Marianne Massaoui (pictured) is not convinced about the future of the talk show on Norwegian TV screens like Charlo Halvorsen.

MediaCom’s TV director Marianne Massaoui isn’t convinced of the talk show’s future

– There’s a reason TV 2 didn’t replace “Senkveld” with a new talk show and it’s not very likely that they’ll replace Skavlan either. You no longer get much viewership on talk shows. “Lindmo” has 500,000 viewers, “Kåss til kvelds” around 300,000. These are not bad ratings. Masawi says these kinds of programs are no longer the big standard programs they used to be.

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