Lisa Ankerman was hospitalized in Thailand

Lisa Ankerman was hospitalized in Thailand

Swedish influencer and designer Lisa Inkerman (31) He has created an impressive career in social media with over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and now he is very relevant to him YouTube series “Lisa and Henrik”.

Last year, it became known that the 31-year-old had found happiness with him Influences and former “Ex on the beach” participant, Henrik Elvejord Borg (27). In the same year came the good news They got engaged.

Now, however, the Instagram influencer has said that she was hospitalized in Thailand this Christmas.

Anckarman opens up and tells his followers about a very disturbing incident that began on the morning of December 22nd.

Henrik Elvjord Borg and Lisa Anckarman have their own reality series on Youtube “LISA & HENRIK”, where they talk about the future. Reporter: Steffen Pettersen Video: Red Carpet /
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I lost my sight

It all started with a sudden loss of sight in her right eye when she and her boyfriend had breakfast. The couple decides to go home so that Ankerman can rest.

Getting home, they drove a motorbike, and while driving, the 31-year-old struggled to find words to express how she was feeling. Not only that, but she also lost consciousness.

Moreover, under the Instagram post, Anckarman wrote that her boyfriend left her on the side of the road to check the error. But she could not answer it.

She writes, “I’d say I’m worried, but there are only small voices or completely different syllables from what I want to say.”

The first thought was that she had a panic attack, but it was still nothing like previous experiences.

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He was paralyzed in the face

The couple tried to continue driving, but eventually had to stop at a nursing home.

The 31-year-old wrote that, among other things, she was paralyzed in parts of her face and fainted several times. The ambulance staff who eventually arrived at the scene asked her if she could take any medicine, but she was sure that wasn’t the case.

“The only thing I had control over was my breath, but the fear of it getting worse was tremendous because the symptoms were so severe and they didn’t go away within several hours,” she writes as well and says she thought it might have been a stroke.

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The couple decided to take an ambulance to the hospital, which is four hours away. There, the influencer is tested for a number of diseases and remains overnight.

The next day she was told that everything seemed to be fine, and that she could go home and rest. She also takes the opportunity to thank Borg for everything he has done for her.

“I am so grateful for everything Henrik has done for me in the past 24 hours and that I am alive,” she continues, followed by a red heart.

Borg tells Dagbladet that things are going better with Lisa now, but that she will make things easier in the future. The couple have been in Thailand for a month and will stay until January.

Living with a skin disease

This isn’t the first time the flu has been open about the disease on Instagram. In October, Ankerman revealed that she suffers from a rare skin condition, vitiligo, an ailment that she hid from the public through makeup.

Skin Disease: Chantelle Winnie, 19, was born with a rare skin disease that has crippled her back for a long time. Video: TV 3
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The 31-year-old told Dagbladet in October She recently discovered the rare disease.

– I started to have some white spots on the forehead and groin six months ago. I didn’t think much about it, nor did I think it was a big deal. It has exploded in the last three to four weeks.

Ankerman further said she was not sure how the skin disease developed. However, she does not hide the fact that it can be difficult and tiring to live with a skin disease.

When she was diagnosed, she thought this was something you had to live with, and that it was right to be open about it.

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