December 7, 2022


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Lisa Nalsund reveals mental problem – she doesn’t want the ball – NRK Sport – Sports news, results & broadcast schedule

The Brann player had a difficult period when she was first selected for the national team in 2017, as she struggled with low self-esteem as a young and fresh national player.

– When I was chosen for the first meeting, I was insecure in myself and couldn’t perform, because I couldn’t be myself off the track, Naalsund explains to NRK.

The story was first told in the Bergens Tidende series called “we are fire”.

Naalsund was first selected for the national team in 2017, although his debut with the flag on his chest didn’t come until June 2021 against Sweden.

She said the first gathering five years ago was a very difficult experience.

– There were many outstanding players whom I had great respect for. I was what people call shy, things like that. I was locked up and couldn’t be myself. It affected me a lot, says Bergensar.

It was so bad she didn’t want the ball.

It’s a little bit about being afraid of making mistakes. I didn’t want the ball. I had to show myself, but every time I had to do it, my body was so tense, because I was so stressed out.

Get out: Lisa Nalsund is in the midst of the national team, and feels safer now than she did before.


– It is possible to get help

She believes that there are more people who know or will know the same thing in the future, which is why she presents her story.

It’s good that everyone doesn’t think you can just come to the meeting and say, “I can do this.” Those who are not sure should know that it is also possible to get help. It’s possible to get better, Naalsund says, and it doesn’t have to be like this for the rest of your life or career.

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Series Champions: Naalsund and Brann take home the gold medal and gold cup in 2022.


When she was 22 years old, in 2017 she was part of a national team that had great profiles in the squad. Ingrid Helmseth, Ingrid Mowold, Elise Torsense, Caroline Graham Hansen and Emily Hafey – to name a few.

The latter two were also in the national team in 2022.

– Heffy was there, and I was terrified of her. But she says she’s so cute, and it was just me who struggled a little.

Havi: – It’s not the first time I’ve heard that

Havi says she didn’t know Nalsund was afraid of her at the first meeting. At the same time, fear may not come completely out of the blue.

– This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that. I think most people who get to know me realize that I’m not intimidating, but maybe I can come off as a little stern at first. Havi says with a smile, I am not.

– We can have a chat later, you say.

Football, FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifiers, Albania - Norway

scary? Emilie Hafey was among the players Nalsund feared in his first encounter with the national team.


The Roma player praises her team-mate, who has great confidence going forward.

– Lisa is a very good player that I have been waiting for to flourish in the national team. I’ve delivered in Toppserien for many years. She has an incredibly good command of the ball and is powerful. So I think we’ll see more of it here, too, says Haffy.

But Naalsund gradually discovered as she got older that she couldn’t be like this anymore. This is why she asked for help.

– I went to a trainer with whom I trained before. I was lucky to be her student. We found the tune pretty quickly and it worked really fast. After just one year, I felt like a different person, says the quarterback.

New will help

Since then, many players have given up or are no longer part of the national team. National team manager Hege Riise has brought in many new faces since taking charge in August.

Naalsund hopes to be able to help newcomers out a bit so they don’t have a similar experience.

– Yes, you want to be fair with everyone so that they dare to be themselves and not be afraid to make mistakes. Brann player says it’s really just being fun and helping them out.

Naalsund has been unlucky in 2022, too. She was injured in the European Football Championship dress rehearsal against New Zealand and was not allowed to participate in the tournament in England this summer.

Now he has been registered with seven caps for the “A” team. Norway plays defending champions England on Tuesday.

It is shown on NRK channel.

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