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Ordfører i Ringebu, Arne Fossmo.

A survey conducted by the NRK among local labor mayors shows that nine of them follow the advice of the people and divide the district. Two will still hold domestic, three have not decided.

There was a deficit in the domestic vote The majority would split the Inland County and return to Hedmark and Opland. 50.7 percent responded to regions and 48.1 percent responded as keep.

It had to share a majority in 37 of the 46 municipalities.

46 out of 37: Red municipalities have the majority to hold home, while the majority of green municipalities will return to Hedmark and Opland.

Photo: Lars Eric Schrefsrut / NRK

But Labor’s county council committee stands on its ground and will continue to hold the interior.

This upsets Ringebu Mayor Arne Fossmo.

– The County Council Committee is very strong in opposing the referendum, and above all, I think it is a great political arrogance for the citizens who elected us, says the Labor Mayor.

Ringebu Mayor, Arne Fossmo.

Not present: Arne Fossmo in Ringebu believes district reform is an unacceptable centralization.

Photo: Lars Eric Schrefsrut / NRK

Of the 24 municipalities in Old Opland, 22 will share. In many municipalities, 70 to 80 percent of respondents said they would like to share. Only Lillehammer and Gjøvik say yes to having a large county.

– This shows that the Labor Party will make a big mistake towards the 2023 election if it does not listen to the people, says Arne Fosmo.

Fosmo thinks this is a very undemocratic act.

Says with regret

Lise Selnes, leader of the Domestic Workers’ Party and a member of parliament, also believes the outcome of the referendum should be respected.

She says sadly. Personally, she wants to keep the interior.

Liz Cellnus

Mandatory Ask: Lise Selnes, leader of the Innlandet Labor Party, believes they should listen to the people, even if they want to keep Innlandet private.

Photo: Vibecke Wold Haagensen / NRK

– It’s easy for me. The referendum has said that the interior should be dissolved and then I think it is right to follow it.

– In understanding what democracy is like, when you ask people, you have to ask the answer you get, says Selenus.

He thinks they have to resolve the unrest in the party no matter which way they go.

More than 70 delegates from the local Labor Party will now convene for the council meeting, before a final decision will be made in the county council on Wednesday.

A lot of suggestions have been heard

This is a tough debate and will be.

– When you ask for advice, you should listen to the advice you receive. But the county has asked for further advice, and then it will be difficult to know which advice applies, says Anne Hagenborg, Labor Mayor in Sondreland.

In addition to the referendum, district politicians should take into account consultation rounds and an employee survey among employees.

Nevertheless, most Labor mayors generally believe the referendum should be decisive.

– If you choose to make a decision with the county council and the citizens, you must respect the decision that is available, says Labor Mayor Nut Whitemmer in Sour-Ode.

Fear of contempt for politicians

Kamilla Tue in Eidskog Municipality believes that people should be heard.

– I fear that if a referendum is not given decisive importance, one will be framed under contempt for politicians. But spending a lot of time and money can be disgraceful to politicians. So that worries me anyway says Camila Tu.

Ringsecker Mayor Anita Ihle Stein One of the two Labor mayors will not let the vote decide.

But he asks his own residents where 77 percent respond that they want to have a larger district.

– I think we need to take into account the whole case, and there are more than just citizens being asked, says Ihle Stein.

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