June 8, 2023


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Liva Ingebrigtsen publishes a children’s book

This spring, Liva Ingebrigtsen (26 years old) was relevant as one of the participants in the hit TV 2 “Kompani Lauritzen”.

Sealv Even if the 26-year-old girl does not become a corporate tiger, she can still decorate herself With another title – an author.

– Kept losing his life

This week, the mother of two published her first book. The first book is a children’s book called “Familien Springebrigtsen Makes a Circus”.

Author: Liva Ingebrigtsen Published a book.  Photo: private

Author: Liva Ingebrigtsen Published a book. Photo: private
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When Se og Hør met the new author, before the book’s launch, she could tell she was very much looking forward to presenting her latest project.

– I’m so excited, it’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this.

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Childhood dream

Ingebrigtsen can say that although it is currently very common to write children’s books with a moral or didactic core, this was not her main goal.

Drop the ultimate party

Drop the ultimate party

– The book is designed primarily for entertainment. I know it’s really cool that there’s a moral behind it, but I tried to make something I liked when I was young. I wanted to write something that would give me some reading pleasure.

– I read it to my children, and they think it was very funny. But I am very excited to see how others will receive it.

Family: Together with her husband Henrik, Leva has two daughters, Olivia and Charlotte.  Photo: private

Family: Together with her husband Henrik, Leva has two daughters, Olivia and Charlotte. Photo: private
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Now you’re hoping that the first book will open the door to a new career path – one you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

– I’ve always wanted to write a book, it was my big childhood dream – so I hope I can publish more, the 26-year-old admitted.

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– Henrik was crazy

When the mother of two sat down to write, the story had been on her mind for a long time.

- A very hot topic

– A very hot topic

– “The Springebrigtsen Family” is about a family who thinks they are perfectly normal and everyone else is not – something that most families often think. Along the way, there are some items that change everyday life a little and make it a little different and a little more fun.

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A children’s book often contains various illustrations. For Ingebrigtsen it was important to make it herself.

– It was very intense and took a long time. Henrik (Ingebrigtsen, Husband’s Diary anm.) was crazy. There were paint splatters everywhere.

Shock from reality: - Never seen before

Shock from reality: – Never seen before

– I got too carried away with it and insisted on painting with watercolors, but it was fun. The author emphasized that it is fun and stressful.

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