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Torunn Slettemark Hovden eier ikke en smarttelefon.

99% of 12-49 year olds own a smartphone.

For many of us, the mobile phone has become almost an extension of the arm.

We flip, push, search and view the Corona certificate using an iPhone or other smartphone.

Torunn Slettemark Hovden is part of 1 per cent Not You have a smart phone.

When you visit NRK, it shows the small and old Sony Ericsson.

It has a light green keyboard, and was bought on the Facebook group Buy and Sell Bodø.

– I live well with her, she says.

Spend more time on the important things

For Hovden, there are several reasons why she shouldn’t use a smartphone.

– It’s first and foremost on my part. My nose shouldn’t be in the mobile all the time.

She is not alone in opting out of a smartphone.

In a bachelor’s thesis from NTNU from i fjor., told many young people that owning an analog cell phone allows them to spend more time on things they see as meaningful.

At the same time, Hovden acknowledges that not having a smartphone presents some challenges.

When a lot of people use Vipps, it should instead, for example, ask for the account number.

Finding your way to new places can be difficult when you can’t find it on Google Maps. Then it is important to search for the destination on the computer before leaving.

– She says it’s good to be able to use the brain.

Especially during the pandemic, it was difficult to get an old phone given the width of the bus.

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– When it was not possible to pay for a ticket with the driver, I had to ride a bike to the bus stop to buy a ticket. Fortunately, I only had to do it once.

Torun says many of her friends think it’s cool that she doesn’t have a smartphone.

Photo: Kasper Holgersen/NRK

Some people have a problematic relationship

It might be a good idea to limit screen use.

At least for the little ones.

Among other things It has researchers from NTNU Show that children’s screen use can affect the development of social abilities, the understanding of their own feelings and the feelings of others.

As previously noted, screen use disrupts teenage sleep as a challenge.

The mobile phone has become the umbilical cord of the world that is here to stay. It is becoming an increasingly integrated part of everyday life, and provides significant benefits to most people. Some also have a problematic relationship, Tor W. Andreessen says.

Using mobile devices stimulates dopamine in the brain

Andreessen is a professor at the Norwegian School of Management and I already searched On what leads to excessive use of smartphones.

And therefore; The fact that you can hardly leave the phone, check the phone quite often up to 100 times a day.

Smartphone and apps are designed to tend to extra use. When it rings and lights up in different applications, the brain’s “well-being serum” (dopamine) is triggered.

You get a slight increase in your brain’s perceived well-being. Promotes the habit of mobile phone use.

– The second factor is the FOMO factor, i.e. Fear of getting lost. Fear of not being social, of feeling a social duty to be present and responsive all the time.

All the joy that a phone gives, it also has a little shadow side for some. It is a form of addiction that, in our opinion, affects a growing group of people.

More time spent on screen means less time for conversation and thought.

We have never been so connected as now. At the same time, we did not have a young generation that felt so lonely. Andreessen thinks this is a huge irony.

A French documentary from 2018. The three-year-old is stupid and has autistic traits. After a few days without computer screens, he talks. What do digital media do to us? (digital addicts)

It encourages more testing

Back in Bodo, Hovden says many of her friends think it’s cool that she doesn’t have a smartphone, and that they could consider trying it out for themselves.

She hopes to be without a smartphone for much longer.

It encourages more testing:

Most people have an old phone in their drawer. You should try inserting the SIM card to see if it works or not.

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