June 11, 2023


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Liverpool, Eurovision 2023 | Past Vålerenga and Liverpool – Appeared at Eurovision

On Saturday, the big final of Eurovision takes place in Liverpool and this time Norway hopes Alessandra Meli.

She won the Norwegian final with the song “Queen of Kings” and advanced from the final in this week’s main competition.

A spectacular show is expected in Beatles City on Saturday night and many stars are likely to appear on the broadcast.

For those who follow the football, a familiar name will also appear, although perhaps not as spectacularly.

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Points must be awarded

Ragnar Klavan has a past as a player for both Vålerenga and Liverpool. On Saturday, he made his Eurovision “debut”.

However, it is not a song the former centre-back will represent. He will award the points to his country, Estonia.

In other words, we will probably receive something like this from Klavan: “Good afternoon, Liverpool. Here are the votes of the Estonian jury.

According to him, the fact that the Eurovision final is being held in Liverpool is the reason Klavan got the job Aftonbladet.

This was not the 37-year-old’s first appearance on television. In his home country, he participated in Shall We Dance.

When your career ends, you suddenly have a lot of time to spare and you wanted to test something new. I am so glad I accepted this challenge and discovered different things. It’s only natural for me to try new things,” he says of the TV look.

Cult hero in Liverpool

Esteren in many ways enjoys an outstanding status as a Liverpool footballer. Many may have been in a lingering mood when manager Jurgen Klopp brought him in from Germany’s Augsburg in 2016, but Klavan has proven to be a useful addition to the Merseyside club.

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What he did was seldom astonishing, but he proved to be a safe, solid and reliable defender.

Given that Liverpool spent just £4.2m to sign him, it was good value for money. As a Liverpool player, he earned a total of 53 appearances between 2016 and 2018 and scored two goals for the Premier League club.

Among other things, he sat on the bench when Liverpool played the Champions League final in 2018 and lost to Spain’s Real Madrid.

After his time at Liverpool, he played for Italian side Cagliari, before closing his boots in 2022.

Early in his career, the 37-year-old was also on loan at Norway’s Vålerenga, where he played a few matches.