Lizzo, Anita and Bihari – VG

Lizzo, Anita and Bihari - VG
Lizzo goes disco: and succeeds.

A quiet week offers a noticeable amount of noise. Here is the tip of the iceberg.


Jimmy XX – “Let’s Do It Again”

VG dice show 3 points

Despite the fact that parent band The xx can sometimes feel heavy when listening to it (I’m told!), Jamie xx has always been a safe haven between different electronics and styles on its own. I also saw the single “Let’s Do It Again”, where an unlicensed person sings what makes the song so valuable. At first, it tickles at all stages, but even radio editing seems like a very long hoax and lacks ideas for its own good.

Zupermaria & Kjartan Lauritzen – “Let a Naked Woman Spin”

VG dice show 4 points

An early erotic tune originates from “Let the Naked Woman Spin”, a feel-good duet between Westerners Zupermaria and Kjartan Lauritzen. The latter dominates the first half of the song, and is heard – despite being inspiring Little About Women’s Breasts Vs. Man boobs – just as one would expect. On the other hand, Zupermaria takes the song in very unexpected and compelling directions – including pure electronics. Is it permissible to hope for a single version?

Lizzo – “About Damn Time”

VG dice show 5 points

On her latest single “About Damn Time”, Lizzo sings: “She’s a bad slut.” It is tempting to take her word and lie quietly under the nearest table. The bitch theme continues throughout the song, but Lizzo dressed up the message in a disco song You have to be in the unsettling mood to actively hate her. The expression is more relaxed and lively than we’re used to, but this one fits Lizzo surprisingly well. She sings and raps equally well.

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Bihari – “A Simple Mistake”

VG dice showing 6 points

Wonderful. To the listener who is not very closely related to Bihari, the “simple mistake” feels like a love fist strike in the solar plexus. The Sundance singer approaches his song with a great chorus, a compact Cocteau Twins guitar and Frank Ocean-style melody grasp. Great words, but there we must go. The chorus is prettier than anything that’s come from this hard rock for a long time, so expectations for a potential debut album are pretty high.

Lauren Spencer Smith – “Flowers”

VG dice show one point

Generic, Disturbing, and Scary: This is “naked” pop music at its worst. And British-Canadian Lauren Spencer Smith is likely just a taste of what awaits uninspired, self-absorbed nasally storytellers when algorithms will inevitably destroy more freely. All you have to do is pick up the cross, silver balls and garlic in one go.

Anitta & Chencho Corleone – «Street»

VG dice show 5 points

The Brazilian Anitta is big in the southern parts of America and as such is one of the world’s greatest pure metal artists. “Gata”, a duet with Puerto Rican Chencho Corleone, would hardly make it any less famous: it’s a Reggaeton with enough character and creativity at the bottom that the main character can immediately follow in the footsteps of the important Catalan Rosalía – world domination via Latino vibes. Well deservedly, in this case.

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