Local news, Ørje | Origen’s publicans are back on TV: – Many have been waiting for more stories from our daily lives

Local news, Ørje |  Origen's publicans are back on TV: - Many have been waiting for more stories from our daily lives

Monday 19 September was the premiere of the TV movie “Toll”, where you can get a glimpse into the working day of the border customs agency.

In the fourth season of the series, the worldview has changed again, and customs officials must adapt to changes in both the flow of goods and the methods of smuggling.

The TV series “Toll” is a practical reality, and over the past three seasons it has given viewers a unique insight into the Customs Service’s working day. In season four, we meet old and new customs officials at some of the country’s border crossings. The TV makers follow customs officers from Svensund and Ore, but also from several other airports and border crossings in Norway.

– We are pleased to present a new season of “Toll” so that viewers of Norwegian television can learn about everything that is going on at the border and better understand the important social mission our employees are dealing with. Not all products and merchandise are welcome in the country and so we rely on smart and committed people to look for them. We know that many have been waiting for more stories from our daily lives, and we hope this season will also be able to show the wide range of tasks and tasks we face throughout the year, says Kim Gulbrandsen, Director of Communications at the Customs Agency.

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Toll has received positive attention for opening the doors to a career and reality unknown to many Norwegians. More than 4 in 10 Norwegians reported having watched one or more episodes of the series.

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– We are very satisfied with the first three seasons of “Toll”, which has an average viewership of 700,000 viewers. The series gives us unique insight into the daily work of customs officials. In an ever-changing world, it is important that TV 2 conveys the socially beneficial work that customs officers do to make Norway safer for all of us, says Catherine Haldorsen, Program Editor at TV 2.

Season 4 “Toll” consists of 21 episodes and premiered on Monday, September 19 on TV 2 Zebra and TV 2 Play. Three new episodes will be available to viewers every week from now on.

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