Local news Stathelle | Big bets on a new and expanded offer: – I have already received several inquiries

Local news Stathelle |  Big bets on a new and expanded offer: – I have already received several inquiries

In association with Frisk Bris, the municipality of Bumble is now investing heavily in picnic and recreational equipment lending for the spring, summer and fall. At the new Knutepunkte in Grasmyr, environmental therapist Stig Andersen from Frisk Bris will be responsible for lending.

– The reason I said yes to this is because I work a lot with Talent House and young people, and I really want them to get out and use nature. Andersen says this is a great way to get everyone involved.

Show to everyone

The offer, available to all residents of Bumblebee, is open from Monday. You will then be able to borrow everything from kayaks, SUP boards, life jackets, Frisbee golf, volleyballs, everything in the tent and hiking gear absolutely free.

On the municipality’s website you will find a phone number that can be used to send a loan application by SMS. It will be possible to borrow and hand over equipment throughout Frisk Bris’ opening hours, which are between 08.00 and 15.00 on weekdays.

The site has moved

The municipality just started a similar show last year at the recycling center in Eik, but due to limited opening hours and availability, this year they chose to add it to Knutepunkte. This is to be able to offer more equipment and have extended hours.

– We chose Frisk Bris as partners because we already work closely together. The center is centrally located, and there are many children and young adults in the area here. So, we imagine it would be easy to access. Moreover, we share the same ideas about preventive and health-promoting action, Halvorsen says, looking away at Andersen.

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– This is a win-win situation, he comments.

Equipment for all seasons

Along with ski and other winter gear available for loan at Bamble’s Library and Literature Centre, the Coordinator of Public Health believes the municipality has a wide range of recreational equipment for Bumble residents.

– We want as many people as possible to be outside and active. This helps people get started and cross the threshold. That’s a very nice thing to be able to offer. She says the fact that everyone has access to good equipment and the opportunity to go on a trip is important.

They have already received inquiries, and have started small, but have scope to expand the supply further if required.

– We must look at demand and find out what people want more, and then we will take it from there, they reasoned.

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