Look for these new icons

Look for these new icons

Browser extensions should make your browser more secure.

To the left is the new verification code, and to the right is the code

Google has now made it easier to find more secure browser extensions for Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers like Edge, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi.

chrome online storewhich is where you find browser extensions, has been updated with two new official codes that you should look out for:

Token and Verification Code.

token, which looks like a small “prize”, given to extensions that follow the so-called “Google best practices”. This means that Google has verified that the browser extension respects your privacy, makes a good presentation of itself with helpful text and images, is easy to use and is relatively up to date.

then you have verification code, which looks like a blue Twitter tick for confirmed users. At Google, this means that the developer behind the expansion has verified the company and told them who they are, which in theory should reduce the chance that they have dishonest intentions. The developer must also be able to indicate a history of “flawless behavior” elsewhere in the Google ecosystem and platforms to qualify for the code.

The new codes were released by Google, and they have already received many popular additions. Developers can apply for tokens if they believe that Google has overlooked their extension.

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The new icons don’t say anything about where useful Extensions. Just like we used to before, it’s still worth checking how many stars other users have given extensions before downloading them. In addition to searching for new icons of course.

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