November 28, 2022


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Looking for his next adventure - he doesn't rule out returning to Norway

Looking for his next adventure – he doesn’t rule out returning to Norway

In August last year, Mushaga Bakinga left Alfred and Norwegian football in favor of Japan’s Tokushima Fortis.

Tronder’s contract with the club runs until January next year.

Now he can move quickly towards changing the club.

– There are a lot of conversations now, but you have reached the point where you have not decided yet. We’ll see what happens, but it will be good, it will be. This is the only thing I am sure of. It would be a good solution anyway, says Bakenga on the phone from Japan.

He still has a few days left before the holiday starts.

His first season at Fortis ended with relegation, but although he’s been playing in the second division for the past year, he won’t be far from a Japanese adventure.

– She’s just the way she’s been all along, beautiful. It’s great, if you can use that word, if it’s still used, the hesitant laughs.

I didn’t feel better

During his football career, the 30-year-old managed to become a very young club. Since he left Rosenborg for Club Brugge in 2012, he has visited no fewer than eight clubs.

But now there’s a big difference: It never felt better than it ever did.

– You’ve got a new lease on life in recent years. I may be in my thirties, but I feel much younger than that. I feel like I have a lot inside of me now, which wouldn’t have existed if I had been without those periods of injury and things like that. I feel like I’ve restarted my career a bit, so I’m eager to get it out, says Bakinga.

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This season, the striker contributed four goals in 22 games to the Forties team that finished eighth in the second tier.

Even Bakinga does not rule out a new Asian adventure.

– I’m still adventurous. It gave this scheme a little more flavor. I hope it gets better soon, but I’m really relieved. I know the solution will be fine, so I’m not really stressed, he points out.

Norway is not ruled out

Another possibility for Tronder, who has pasts in Rosenborg, Molde, Tromsø, Ranheim and Odd, could be a return to Norwegian football.

– I can’t say no to anything. He says anything can happen, and adds that the most important thing for him now is an overall club selection.

– It would be good. So I’m in such good shape now that I don’t want to waste that good shape on some bullshit. I have a lot of football inside of me, I know that. Motivation is too great, so I have to make the right choice here now, that’s what he says, he concludes.