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Jakob Ingbrigtsen only spoke to NRK and two select international television stations before rushing to the medal ceremony and sprinting after the gold medal at the European Championships on Tuesday.

21-year-old VG commentator Leif Welhaven thinks “You have to be careful” After he broke into large parts of the press area without giving an interview.

Jacob Ingbrigtsen did not stop with the Norwegian press after EC gold.

NRK commentator Jan-Peter Saltvedt thinks speaking to the press after taking gold at the European Championships was part of the job. called her “a bit arrogant”:

– Saltvedt said after the accident that he is unique, but he is not in a special situation.

The two-time European gold medal winner from Munich says he hasn’t received criticism, but when he hears Saltvedt’s criticism, he replies:

– He looks like an idiot, Ingebrigtsen tells NRK.

– Why?

He can think what he wants. You have to focus on what’s important, and I think that’s going, says Jacob Ingbrigtsen, shortly after he took the gold for the 1500m around his neck.

The joke about mobile filters

He says he “not necessarily” stays away from the media when in championship mode. When asked what he brings with him, he answered with a smile:

Too little, obviously. I’m on the vast majority of platforms myself, but I don’t know if I have a secret filter on my mobile for dumb stuff.

NRK commentator Jan-Peter Saltvedt is still standing by what he said after 5,000 metres. And I admire him as an athlete after another gold medal at the European Championships.

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Jakob Ingebrigtsen is one of a kind, and he’s on the cusp of a position as a sports champion that we haven’t seen much. This role also means that you are talking to those who have pushed him forward, whether they are the press or the fans.

VG commentator Leif Welhaven responds to Ingebrigtsen’s plans:

– Like the NRK commentator, I wondered if this was something we could expect him to spend time on. Jacob Ingbrigtsen and many other social media users may have their say on this and disagree with me on that. But I tried to provoke a realistic discussion, and then I think that characteristics like “idiot” do not belong to this interchange of words.

Recommend “Care”

Henrik Ingebrigtsen doesn’t think his brother cares much about responding to the criticism he’s received in recent days.

He says and laughs a little that the best thing you can do is take a little care before you get serious:

I think people want Jacob to change, adapt, and make adjustments with what other people think and think. He should never do that. He can’t compromise with himself, he just has to be himself and give what it takes to perform as best he can, for as many years as possible.

He also defended his brother after taking gold in the 5,000m, and explained to NRK that it was agreed not to stop. He understood that it might be annoying to the press, but thought they should give him energy before another final.

– I’m involved in trying to reduce noise and power loss, so that was one of the things we talked about. So far, I think he has benefited from it, says Henrik Ingebrigtsen, who has followed his little brother closely as coach and assistant during the European Commission.

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