June 10, 2023


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Lørenskog – NRK approves four weeks in custody after murder in Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

The police update comes two days after the woman was murdered at her home in Lorenzgók.

The accused, a 30-year-old man, admitted to custody on Friday. Yesterday he was arrested at his home in Innlandet.

On Saturday, the man was detained for two weeks with a media ban and partial quarantine.

The court believes that the description of the accused does not match what the police revealed during the investigation.

– At the same time, the court believes that absolute isolation is not required. They wrote in the ruling that there were no indications that the others were involved in a criminal relationship.

Forensic experts attended the scene yesterday. Police conducted tactical and technical investigations.

Photo: Håkon Benjaminsen / NRK

boyfriend relationship

The man reported to the police that the two had a romantic relationship.

– They knew each other a few months before the incident, police prosecutor Marit Artal tells NRK.

The man’s defense attorney, Gard Lear, told NRK on Friday that his client denies criminal wrongdoing.

– He is upset and regrets what happened. Lear says it was a shock to him.

The defense attorney says the man is cooperating with police, though he denies any involvement in the case.

– He was interrogated and agreed to be remanded in custody. He understands that the police need time to investigate and verify the information he has given about his recent movements, says Lear.

The jail sentence will be conducted as office business so that he does not appear in court.

It was Romerikes Blad He was the first to report the arrest.

A woman was found dead on the door of an apartment in Lørenskog on 06.04.

Behind this door, the woman was found dead on Thursday afternoon.

Photo: Tobias Brosch Simonsen / NRK

Disagree about visits

NRK reports that the accused must have met the woman at her apartment in Lorenzgók in the days before the murder.

But that doesn’t match the accused’s description, says his defense lawyer Lear.

– He believes he has provided information about where he has been in recent days, he says.

Ended with murder

On Thursday afternoon, police found a 30-year-old woman dead in an apartment in a quiet neighborhood in Lorenzcog.

They were able to quickly establish that the death was suspicious and began a detailed investigation.

Forensic technicians are now investigating a flat in Lorenzcog after a suspicious death.

Forensic experts attended the scene yesterday. Police conducted tactical and technical investigations.

Photo: Håkon Benjaminsen / NRK

Because of this, they have concluded that they believe the woman was murdered:

– The information gathered led to the arrest and indictment of a man in his 30s, police inspector Lars Reinhold-Østbye said on Friday.

On Friday evening, Marit Aurdal, the police’s prosecutor, told NRK that the suspicion against the man had been strengthened by the investigation.

The cause of death is currently unknown

– It is too early to say anything about the cause of death. This is something we will clarify, Lars Reinholdt-Østbye said on Friday afternoon.

As of Saturday morning, police were yet to clarify the cause of death.

– We have many tasks to solve regarding further investigation and all the evidence we have is in the case. Police Inspector says we are working hard.

A private person spotted the woman and informed the police, they said on Friday evening. This person is not suspected to have anything to do with the case.

Police Inspector Lars Reinhold-Østbye

Police inspector Lars Reinholdt-Østbye said a 30-year-old man was arrested in Innlandet last night.

Photo: Gunnar Prathammar

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