lost 375,000 viewers – VG

lost 375,000 viewers - VG

Over the weekend, 737,000 viewers saw Subwoolfer win the Norwegian final at the MGP.


This is a decrease of 375,000 compared to last year when there were a total of 1,112,000 people who saw TIX win.

Shows this weekend’s viewership numbers from NRK.

Thus, the masked duo was to represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin in May.

In 2020, 972,000 people attended the Norwegian final.

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Keep the mask on: Identity is so secretive that the organizations that give them the money aren’t told who the Subwoolfer is.

Stig Karlsen, NRK’s ​​project manager for MGP, made this comment to Saturday viewers:

Our biggest competitor is our success. We’re benchmarked against last year and some very good years for MGP. We can’t break records every season. The competition for the reopened nightlife is naturally tough and exhilarating. Winter break may have also stolen some viewers. Despite the low ratings, we’re still seeing quite a bit of commitment around Norway’s biggest music show, and now we’re really looking forward to traveling with Subwoolfer to Italy in May.

The audience is historically low for the Norwegian final in the singing competition. We have to go back to 2014 to find numbers at the same level. Then 755,000 followed by the final writer Campaign.

Viewership numbers for the Dolphin Finals have varied a lot this season. The fight for last place on Saturday a little over a week ago was only 448,000 viewers. but generally 550,000 who reached the first semi-final and the Melodi Grand Prix.

A big concert was planned when the winner of this year’s MGP was chosen Saturday night. In Saturday’s final, the top ten finalists were tallied into the four with the most votes.

These are Sofie Fjellvang, Elsie Bay, Subwoolfer and NorthKid.

In the end, it was them The Mysterious Mask Men in Subwoolfer The North Norwegian boy band topped Bilal Saab, winner of “Star Wars” The battle was between them.

VG View the performance of the finalists. Few skip the dice 3.

– This was unfortunately, but as expected, a rather poor finale. Although the performance of some of the participants was much stronger than in the Dolphin Finals. VG reviewer Tor Martin Bøe said NRK’s ​​rest-period entertainment was actually more fun than the entire competition.

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He also gave the winning song a roll of the three dice, among other reasons:

“The softness of Minions-inspired moon tones isn’t funny enough to stand up to such a below-average festive song.”

Saturday was also the end of the season for “Every time we meet” It was seen over the weekend by a total of 300,000 – that’s down from 386,000 last Saturday. According to TV 2 viewing numbers, an average of 558,000 viewers watched this year’s season on TV 2 and TV 2 Play. There is a significant decrease from last year’s season where the corresponding viewership was 676000.

The final episode of “Farm Celebrity” was watched by 881 thousand people. In comparison, last year’s final saw 873,000 spectators. According to figures from TV 2, an average of 829,000 watched each episode of this year’s season of “Farmen kjendis” on TV 2 and TV 2 Play. That’s 2,000 more than last year’s season.

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