– Lost income – VG

- Lost income - VG
Lost Income: When the Telia network ceased operations, Farhad Ghorbani was unable to do his job.

Telia’s extensive problems have created challenges for the company’s customers. Walt driver Farhad Ghorbani, 19, was among those injured.


This week, there were reports from Telia customers that mobile and fixed networks were disrupted several times. For Farhad Ghorbani, who works as a driver for the food delivery app Wolt, the technical issues have had business consequences.

– I use the internet and GPS on my mobile phone to find the addresses where I’m going to deliver food, but I couldn’t do that yesterday because the mobile network didn’t work, he told VG on Friday.

lost income

The 19-year-old usually goes to school, but in the evenings he works as a driver for Wolt. At Wolt, drivers are paid per delivery, plus a mileage allowance. Al-Gharbani says internet problems are causing him to lose income.

– The food became cold, and I had to go home because I could not find the way. He says I lost a lot of money in that.

Problems: According to the Downdetector website, more than 2,000 reports of internet problems were reported on Telia Thursday night.

The 19-year-old now fears that at worst he will be without income.

– If this becomes an ongoing problem, I won’t be able to do my job. I live alone, and I pay my rent myself, so it’s a crisis for me. I have no income other than this.

He claims that he repeatedly tried to contact Telia for an update on the situation, as well as to demand compensation for lost income, but to no avail.

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Worst for drivers: The network problems primarily affect drivers, says Walt general manager Elisabeth Haga Sternsen.

drop in orders

Wolt’s general manager Elisabeth Haga Steinersen says they recorded an abnormal drop in orders around 6 p.m. Thursday.

– Customers must have internet, similar to our offers. We also note that there were also a large number of inquiries for support during the evening, both from staff and customers, she says.

According to Stenersen, the problems with the Telia network did not create major problems for the courier service as a whole, but rather for some contractors.

– This is probably something a lot of bidders are familiar with. The Internet is their working tool.

Should drivers worry about their work?

– No not at all. Even without internet problems, drivers are free to work whenever they want. This is how our form was set up. But it’s clearly a problem for drivers if they can’t take orders for a long time, or find the addresses they want to deliver to.

Telia He had problems with the landlines Monday night this week, but reported on Tuesday that the bug had been fixed. After major new problems emerged at 6pm on Thursday, Telia reported at 7.47pm that the mobile and fixed network were working properly again. According to CIO Daniel Barhome, the error was caused by someone internal error.

– It is true that yesterday we got a result from Kuala Lumpur. 18 to kiloliters. 19 which affected many of our customers in the mobile network, some of them also in Oslo. Of course, we apologize to the affected customers, says Barhoum, adding:

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At the same time, it is correct to point out that we hadn’t had mobile network challenges or errors in Oslo for a very long time before that, so we don’t quite recognize ourselves in the description because we have very good coverage for both 4G and 5G in Oslo.

VG submitted to Telia the claim that Ghorbani did not receive a response when he attempted to file a complaint, but the company did not respond to this part of the criticism.

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