Lots of premium brandy, rum, and whiskey are released in Vinmonopolet’s fall edition.

Lots of premium brandy, rum, and whiskey are released in Vinmonopolet's fall edition.

The last special edition of the year for spirits, as always, is large and varied. A number of exclusive bottles of rum, brandy and whiskey will be released via the Vinmonopolet online store on Monday, November 15, at 8 AM. The remaining products can be purchased in specialized stores from November 18.

vintage cognac

There is always a heavy predominance of whiskey in Vinmonopolet low spirits, but a few brandy and rum are also available.

Over five generations, Vallein-Tercinier has built a reputation for making high-quality brandy with pure and complex aromas. Vallein-Tercinier Grande Champagne Cognac Vintage 1989 is no exception, and this 32-year-old comes brutal drums, which means that it is drained by the force of the barrel. The alcohol content is 47.7, a beautifully integrated and elegant fruity and fat aroma that makes this cognac very complex and well-rounded. Very good buy!

vintage room

With so many exciting rooms being produced in the world, it’s a shame that the November issue only offers three genres. In turn, three very nice bottles are released.

Chalong Bay Wild Brewing is a sparkling room, automatically fermented and unfiltered room from Thailand. It is very complex and well-rounded, and can be enjoyed as easily as is, as in a drink.

Maison Ferran escapes with two hits from Rum Al-Bunni. This French company has been cooperating with distilleries in many countries since the 1990s, offering high-quality chambers. The two bottles included in the edition are both vintage chambered, and were first matured in casks in the country of origin and then matured in new casks in France. Both are very complex, with a wonderful barrel and fruity aroma. Too roomy for money!

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eight bottles

Of the more than 30 whiskeys released, the 25-year-old Laphroaig was the most impressive. Ten bottles of this very fine and balanced whiskey will be available. It can not be seen that the alcohol content is as high as 51.4, it is well integrated. Beautiful smoky and fruity tones, plus a taste that just lasts and lasts.

The most distinctive bottle of the edition is the Benriach 38 ans 1981 Peated Bourbon Barrel. Only eight bottles were released, for a tidy sum of 12,680 crowns each. About The It is a deterrent, and the 12-year-old Springbank is a better buy. 90 bottles are released, and for 1050 kr you get a complex and concentrated whiskey, with a high alcohol content but very well integrated.

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