June 5, 2023


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Louis Vuitton: - Details that draw attention:

Louis Vuitton: – Details that draw attention:

In the past, many foreign media, including Watchmanmentioned in “Z” has become a symbol To support the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine.

However, what the letter “Z” symbolizes is not clear, but according to journalist Kamel Galif, some interpret it as “Za pobedy”, which means “victory”, while others believe that it represents “Zapad”, which means “the West” “. .

It is not known what it represents or not, but at least the fashion house Louis Vuitton is receiving heavy criticism for a new campaign, in which some jewelry is seen as inappropriate.

theories: There are several theories regarding the letter “Z” used in connection with the Russian war in Ukraine. Video: Associated Press/Reuters. Reporter: Julie Tran.
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Swedish actress Alicia Vikander (33), known among others as the “Tomb Raider”, is among the stars who fronted the fashion house’s new jewelry collection.

The collection includes bracelets with the initials Louis Vuitton, i.e. LV, but the details are unfortunately very reminiscent of the letter “Z”, as some believe.

The brand has shared photos of the group on Instagram, and this is where more people have seen the similarities, writes the Swedish newspaper express.

“What a shame,” one follower wrote under the Swedish star’s photo.

Also rapper Kid Cody (38) is on the front page of the campaign.

«’Z’. Is this a joke? Another asks during posts, while another encourages the brand to “read the news.”

“Well done. Is war great for you LV? Maybe it sounds like a joke?”, another comment reads.

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The fashion house, Alicia Vikander, and Kid Cody have yet to comment on the criticism.