Lovisa Worge did not want to be friends with Bianca Ingrosso

Lovisa Worge did not want to be friends with Bianca Ingrosso

Seven years ago, Lovisa Worgi (27 years old) moved to Stockholm to become an assistant to influencer and entrepreneur Bianca Ingrosso (29 years old). On the other hand, Worge had no ambitions to establish such a close relationship with his employer.

– We weren't supposed to be “close,” but just have a professional relationship, the former assistant recently said in a YouTube series. “In the bathroom closet” With Emily Johansson.

Accepts intervention

When Worge took on the role of Ingrosso's right-hand man, she was clear that she didn't want a friendship.

The 27-year-old never dreamed of becoming an influencer himself, but that has changed over time. Today, she works with social media and runs the jewelry company Ani Jewels with Ingrosso, who is now her best friend.

One Email changed lives

Working as an assistant to a major influencer like the founder of Caia was something Worge found interesting before she started studying at Stockholm Business School.

A frenzy of accusations

A rampage of accusations

A full six months after the application deadline passed, the former assistant submitted a job application and didn't think much about the situation. Until one night she randomly woke up and checked her inbox.

Worge received an email from Ingrosso at three o'clock that night. The influencer asked if the 27-year-old would be coming on a flight to Stockholm the next day. The visit resulted in job opportunities.

Influencer Bianca Ingrosso talks about why she's in Norway so much.
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Lots of speculation

It wasn't long after Worge started in his new position that speculation began. Those around her began to wonder if she had taken the job just to use her employer's fame for her own benefit.

The current influencer shared on her YouTube series that the allegations that came to light really upset her at the time. So Worge felt compelled to come up with a clear message to put an end to it.

The Internet is boiling: tone deaf

The Internet is boiling: tone deaf

I'll just work with her, and I'll do a very good job,” she said at the time.

During her early years as an assistant to Caia's founder, the 27-year-old was constantly invited to events and parties with her boss and friends — which she politely declined.

– I was completely uninterested. I had my boyfriend, and my friends from Norrköping lived here. “Bianca and I had a great time at work, but I wanted to break it up,” Worgy told the YouTube series.

The turning point came when Ingrosso broke up with his ex, Philip Cohen (30 years old). Worge became a trusted supporter of the influencer during the breakup, and the girls began spending a lot of time together.

Since then, the friendship has become stronger.

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