Low pressure on the same line: – Follow the danger warnings

Low pressure on the same line: - Follow the danger warnings

– It’s true fall weather in progress, and that’s in several rounds, says Storm Geo’s on-duty meteorologist, Ina Ynnesdal.

She says there were strong winds on Wednesday in western Norway and northern Norway, and that a storm had blown in Stade.

– Tomorrow there’s a new order waiting. There is a small rapid low pressure inland to the west of the Faroe Islands. In addition to strong winds, there will also be plenty of rain, she says.

Low pressure will cause rain, and a number of warnings of strong winds have been issued.

a lot of rain

In western Norway south of Stade, there will be between 40 and 60 mm of rain.

In eastern Norway, precipitation is more widespread, while in northern Norway the weather changes.

– Regarding low pressure, there will be strong winds in southern Norway. In Rogaland and treacherous, says Ynesdale, there will be strong gusts of wind, and there will be gusts of a gale that will reach their strength.

Heavy winds are also expected in the outer parts of western Norway, Rogaland and Agder.

change direction

On Friday there will be another low pressure, but in a slightly different direction.

– This low pressure also comes from the Faroe Islands, but does not travel inland to western Norway. Ynesdale says it will have a more northern course, meeting Helgeland and Trondelag.

She adds that there will be some wind and precipitation in western Norway, and that south of Stade there will be between 30 and 50 mm of rain.

– Western Norway has some rainy days. Eastern Norway is left on my side, and you won’t feel a gust of wind.

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– Who will be the winner in the weather?

– The next few days will be eastern Norway and eastern Finnmark.

– And the loser?

– Western Norway, as well as the western parts of southern Norway.

Good news for the weekend

The next few days will mostly be marked by favorable fall weather. However, the meteorologist has positive news for the weekend’s weather.

– From Saturday we have a high pressure ridge, so the weather will be nicer. The improvement in weather applies to all of southern Norway, while in northern Norway the weather continues to change. These are periods of rain and survival, says Ynnesdal.

Until then, the meteorologist comes up with a clear call.

– Follow varsom.no on the danger warnings being sent. This is the proper first round of thunderstorms this fall.

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