Luke 2 on VG’s Christmas Calendar: WC’s unofficial Shaving Champion is called Brown Cheese

Luke 2 on VG's Christmas Calendar: WC's unofficial Shaving Champion is called Brown Cheese
Celebration: Only whole slices of cheese—no holes—count in the competition.

SANDEFJORD (VG) What gives more Christmas spirit than planning brown cheese on a brown board?


Broadcasting live from the Sandefjord on Friday night, VGTV was ready for the non-ceremonial World Championships in Brown Cheese Shavings. At The Corner Bar Sports, fanatic Kay Kristofferson calls the country grating cheese:

– We created the first brown cheese shaved toilet in the history of the world. We think it’s fun to come up with something funny when there are some tough times.

He came up with a small kick in the other World Cup being held in Qatar these days:

– We have a system in which there is no corruption. We have a plan where there is room for everyone.

In front of him at the bar, Christopher had a huge pile of brown cheese. Participants were given cheese, a razor, and thumb protection gear—and competed in groups of four.

The rules of the planer are simple:

The winner is the one who gets the most brown cheese slices in 45 seconds. In addition, there will be an assessment of how the cheese will look after settling.

And here – roughly – cheese should not go to waste:

When the planning tournament ends, a new competition begins. It’s about eating as many slices of brown cheese as you can in 45 seconds.

After 10pm the pageant started and the pub filled with cheers: Plans for. Plans for. Plans for. Participants were interviewed on VGTV:

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– Damn, what a bad cheese grater! shouts one.

– I’m Norway’s master planner! says another.

– I have been doing this by greasing food packaging for 25 years, says a third.

Excited: Ildsjel and brown cheese director Kay Kristoffersen await WC participants at The Corner pub in Sandefjord.

Kristofferson says the idea has evolved along the way and that he hopes the cheese grater competition will become a tradition for many years.

– How did you get the idea?

– He was at a work party where a friend said the only thing he wanted in life was to become the world champ in brown cheese shavings. Then I say I may be able to help you. You have to make the effort yourself, but I can try to organize a toilet.

Throughout the month of December, VG presents a status for each day in the “Light in the Dark” Christmas calendar. In a time of economic uncertainty and war in Europe, VG will attempt to create issues intended to make you happy, move you, or make you laugh. Feel free to send tips for questions at [email protected]


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