Luxury rides promised – now they don’t call the company

Luxury rides promised – now they don’t call the company

Gr8 Experience sells test cars in several places in Europe, including Norway. The company tempts to ride in some of the most luxurious cars in the world, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. However, many customers feel that they are never allowed to sit in one of the luxury cars. Payment, however, is not a problem.

One of these clients is Camilla Andersen. She bought a gift certificate to drive a Lamborghini for her companion as a Christmas present.

– Before I asked, I talked to them via chat. There I got nice answers, which were just to communicate, so we could quickly book an appointment, she says.

When a couple months ago tried to redeem the gift card, it turned out that deleting it was not so easy.

– When my partner had to book an appointment, he had to communicate via email. Now two or three months passed without an answer. Then I started sending them emails, without getting any response. On Facebook, I was told I had to send an email, because those who answered there had nothing to do with this, Andersen says.

– I’m sorry I didn’t check a little more before ordering. I was really upset today, and when I saw the company’s reviews online, I called you.

not alone

A quick search on Trustpilot shows Andersen’s deletion is not alone. 74 percent of people who reviewed the company gave the lowest rating.

Many people write about similar experiences, where no time was reserved for driving after payment.

– Very nice to pay. The flight arrangement was worse. Sent several emails without receiving a response, writes an unsatisfied customer.

Stay away from this unwanted website! I haven’t heard a word since April 2020, writes another.

Many wrote that it is impossible to book an appointment after you have paid to drive.

Many wrote that it is impossible to book an appointment after you have paid to drive. Photo: screenshot of Trustpilot

no one showed up

One of the dissatisfied clients is Cecily Hovdi. Like Andersen, she bought a test car as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend.

Payment was made, I received a confirmation and a PIN that we had to enter to reserve time to drive. We got an appointment in May and everything seemed fine. We printed out a confirmation of address, phone number, and attendance at Gardermoen, she says.

However, when they reached Gardermoen after a two hour drive, they got a negative surprise. There was no luxury car.

– Then we went to the BMW store at the address and told us we were going to drive a Ferrari, and asked where it was. He replied that he had never seen such leadership in the area, but confirmed the correctness of the address. We took a trip to see if there were small roads or the like that we had overlooked, but they weren’t, Hovdey says.

You don’t get an answer

After searching in vain, the couple returned to the BMW store.

– Then we were told that many had gone through the same question that day. Then I realized I had been cheated, she says.

Hovde found a phone number on the Gr8 Experience website. The couple called several times, sent messages to the company on Facebook, but received no response. Then they got in the car and drove home for two hours again.

– When I got home, I tried to call and send mail, but so far I haven’t gotten an answer. Then I went to Trustpilot and saw that many have gone through the same thing. The website and Facebook page look nice and cute, so they simply fooled me. I hope the site gets shut down so no one else falls into the same trap.

– I still haven’t received any email, nor my roommate. Nor did we receive anything over the phone or via Facebook. I asked for my money back, but I haven’t received anything yet. This is very unprofessional, she says.

Not responding to TV 2 helps you with inquiries

TV 2 helps you repeatedly try to connect with the Gr8 Experience. The company answers in its chat post, but writes that questions must be sent via email. They did not respond to these emails.

After TV 2 helped you connect with Andersen, you got in touch with the company via chat. There she was told that they would not have cars in Norway until 2022 due to the Corona case.

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