Luxury yacht stopped, but owner not found – V.G

Luxury yacht stopped, but owner not found - V.G
72 meters: The ferry “Vanish” docked in Oslo.

OSLO (VG) On Monday night, the luxury yacht «Vanish» docked in Oslo harbor. The price of the boat is 120 million dollars, which is equal to about 1.2 billion kroner.

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Accordingly Superyacht fanHe also writes that the boat is 72 meters long.

High amount: The yacht will cost around NOK 1.2 billion.

According to Sea transport Sailed from IJmuiden, Netherlands on Sunday and arrived in Oslo at 18:13 on Monday.

One of the crew on board says they had a good trip.

– There were many boats outside and there was a lot of sun in Norway.

Many on board: There were many crew members on board.

Many thought the “mysterious luxury yacht” had returned

It was speculated that the ferry “Big Beaver” could have sailed from Sørlandet to Oslo before “Vanish” docked. Others wondered if it could be the emir of Qatar who made the trip. He Recently visited Kristiansand.

Last week, “Big Beaver” was observed Whistling through a sound in SøgneThis caused many reactions.

Check out the video of the giant beaver:

As recently as Saturday, the “Big Beaver” was also spotted in Kristiansand, but we can now say that this boat is not the one in the cave in Oslo.

Millionaire Hunt

The owner of “Vanish” is billionaire Larry Van Duyl (72), who has a net worth of $3.5 billion, which is equivalent to about $35 billion.

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The American family made their money from the Tu Tuyl car dealership, writes Forbes.

Larry Van Duyl sold his car dealership empire in 2015 Automotive NewsBut recently it has started buying other stores, including two Ferrari dealers.

Port of Oslo: The ferry may have departed from IJMuiten in the Netherlands.

Van Tuyl was missing when the VG arrived in Oslo harbor at 19:30. Viji contacted another member of the crew who, like his colleagues, was diligently busy washing the boat. “I am very busy, the boss will be here in an hour,” he said.

– What is he doing in Norway, is he on vacation?

– Yes.

Helicopters on Deck: If someone aboard the “Vanish” falls overboard, there are other ways to get ashore.

VG’s reporters were patient, but when Van Tuyl did not appear after an hour and 15 minutes, they gave up hope of learning about Van Tuyl’s vacation plans and packed their bags.

He writes that the company that built the boat is Dutch Fetship Super Yacht Times. “Vanish” is listed on the 269th place in the list of the largest yachts in the world.

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