Maanum & Co sold Emirates Airlines: – Goosebumps

Maanum & Co sold Emirates Airlines: – Goosebumps

New buzz for Vegard Hansen and Kongsvinger

picture: Terje Pedersen/NTB

Kongsvinger – Hood 0-3 (0-2)

Newly promoted Hødd played heavily against the men of Kongsvinger and Vegard Hansen on Sunday.

With a 0-2 down, KIL has had three losses and one win in its first four games of the season, and is currently in 14th place in the OBOS league.

– It’s too early to write someone off in the OBOS league, but it wasn’t a particularly good start to the season. I’m sure Vegard Hansen and Espen Nystuen (Managing Director) are disappointed with the result, says TV 2 OBOS expert Amund Lutnæs on TV 2’s Målfest broadcast.

Sefer Skidi scored his dream goal and made it 1-0 after six minutes, before Isaac Schottheim doubled after 20 minutes.

– said Lutnæs after Hødd’s second goal – This was the game where you really had to start the season, and also get two melee goals from Hødd.

After 67 minutes of play, Halvard Urns made it 3-0.

This is a perfect match by Hødd and gives Hansen and Nestwen a headache. It would be interesting if there were a fly on the wall over there tomorrow morning. Now it will be difficult for Kongsvinger to return, said Andreas Uland Andersen, a guest at Målfest.

They definitely have work to do and they had a bad start to the season, and they must do one thing or the other to reverse that trend.

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Kongsvinger hosts Sundance Olivier on Wednesday, May 3, before waiting for Gerf at his home on Saturday, May 7. Hødd clearly did better as he stands with eight points, one point behind Ranheim in the lead. They meet in the next round.

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