Macron may fight the civil war he warns of

Macron may fight the civil war he warns of

President Emmanuel Macron issued a stern warning this week: If Marine Le Pen wins elections and introduces a headscarf ban in public, it could spark a long-awaited civil war. One has to ask: Does Macron suffer from a short-term memory regarding the crackdown on headscarves that he himself said he would introduce? What about 60% of the French want to remove the veil from the public places of the French Republic? Is she “extreme” as Le Pen is supposed to be, in Macron’s view?

We are counting down the past three days before the crucial elections in France on Sunday. Should the Republic continue to cling to the false hope that horrible conditions for things will miraculously disappear like dew into the sun, or that a new diet enters the presidency that will have dire consequences for both immigration and Islam high on the agenda?

On Wednesday, in a televised debate with Marine Le Pen, his only remaining presidential candidate, Macron said the following was that Le Pen wanted to veil away from public view:

“You risk creating a civil war.”

The question today is whether he should bite these words into himself.

Macron’s opinion poll

Recently, there was a poll on the French table that was supposed to make the morning tired president put his coffee down his throat. Up to 60 percent of French people – like Le Pen – want to wear the hijab completely away from public places. Specifically, 35 percent said they fully agree with a ban on headscarves in the public sector, while 25 percent fully agree. Only 16 percent totally disagree, and 24 percent disagree.

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Opinion polls were conducted by the CSA this week (April 19 and 20) in favor of CNews.

What does Macron say to this strong signal from his people? Are they “extremist right-wingers” who want a civil war, or are they patriots who stand on the values ​​of the secular republic? For the French there is only one homeland, and there are more and more who do not feel at home because of broad Islam, who like to show their ideology wherever possible. The natural fear of this ideological upheaval, moreover in the most secular country of Europe, should be visible to every sighted, listener and thought person.

Strict measures from Macron’s mouth

But let’s go back to early October 2020, just before teacher Samuel Baty was beheaded. Macron gave a groundbreaking speech on Islamic separatism, which is a deadly virus for any democracy. Macron said that Islam is going through a crisis all over the world, and therefore France must now control Islam that is visible in the republic. In particular, it was about the suppression of headscarves in the public sector, we can report.

And what concrete measures did Macron promise his citizens a year and a half ago? It was not uncommon: Macron wanted to tighten the sharp distinction between state and religion that France had introduced in 1905 to be honed. According to Macron, no action can stop the struggle to exclude religion from the school and the entire public sector.

  • Macron explained that the law gives people the right to freely choose the religion of their choice, but that under no circumstances should external religious references be allowed in schools or the public sector.
  • Individuals providing public services should also be prohibited from wearing religious clothing. Macron did not hide the government’s intention to remove the veil.
  • The state must also be able to intervene if local authorities allow themselves to be pressured by Islamists to introduce religious lists in schools and sex-segregated swimming.
  • France had to “liberate” Islam in the country from foreign influence, such as financing mosques.
  • Home tuition fees were to be severely restricted, and from 2021 onwards, tuition fees became mandatory for all. This is to stop the secret Islamic schools where female teachers usually wear the niqab, where there are obligatory prayers for children and so on.
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live or not

These are the toughest measures against Islamic separatism that have come from a Western European political leader of our time. The only difference between Macron and Le Pen is that she wants to veil outside the entire public space (not in homes or mosques). Why Macron thinks Le Pen’s proposal is so bad that it could lead to civil war, when his somewhat brutal measures won’t, seems to me like a mystery. It is also part of an ideological outline of the people he presents in the above survey. I suppose Macron now before the elections does not want to turn his back on the majority of the French electorate?

I think the French case is very similar to the Swedish case. It only takes one spark before it explodes. The spark may be that someone says they will burn the Qur’an, and the underlying violence explodes in full force. Or it may be the spark – as we have seen over many years in France – that the police, while arresting a “jeune” (a euphemism for Muslim youth), will harm the person, or in the worst case the young man will die.

This is our position: the rejection of democracy and the rule of law that can lead to the slow death of democracy.

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