June 9, 2023


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Madeleine McCann’s Sister- Speaks:

On Wednesday 3 May, it was exactly 16 years since Madeleine McCann disappeared without trace from her family’s holiday home in Portugal at just the age of three.

Since then, theories abound about the girl’s whereabouts, but the case remains unsolved.

He drops the charges against the suspect McCann

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On May 3, a candlelight mass was held at which Madeleine’s parents appeared with Madeleine’s younger sister, Amelia.

On that occasion, Amelia spoke publicly for the first time.

– The 18-year-old said it’s good that everyone is here together, but it’s a sad occasion.

according to daily Mail It is also the first time the sister has been photographed since she was a little girl.

Parents Kate and Jerry remained silent during the memorial service, but Kate’s uncle, Brian Kennedy, said the parents were touched by the number of people who attended.

– After all these years, people are still coming together, and we are so grateful, Kennedy said on behalf of the parents, according to the Daily Mail.

He was convinced they had found Madeleine

He was convinced they had found Madeleine

never give up

But on the occasion, the parents shared a poem on FindMadeleine.com.

– Police investigations are continuing and we await a breakthrough. Thanks everyone for the support – it really helps, write Kate and Jerry McCann.

Over the years, the hopes of the parents, ignited many times, have only been dashed. Just a few weeks ago, a German court dropped several charges against Christian Bruckner, long suspected of murder and kidnapping of the McCann girl.

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Recently, a Polish girl set the internet on fire when she claimed to be Madeleine McCann.

A while ago, Julia Wendell made headlines when she claimed to be the missing girl Madeleine McCann, and now she’s been speaking publicly about “Dr. Phil.” Video: Klaus Fielro/Red Runner/CBS.
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On the other hand, DNA test refuted the speculations.

On the other hand, the parents expressed that they never gave up hope of getting answers in the case of the disappearance.