– Madness and stupidity – VG

- Madness and stupidity - VG
He gets references after this: Kinetixx did not like that Alexander Bolshunov was on stage at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow with rhythmic gymnast Dina Averina and swimmer Yevgeny Rylov.

German glove brand Kinetixx halted agreements with the Russians when Vladimir Putin went to war against Ukraine. Marketing Director Helmut Hanus is shocked that Alexander Bolshunov has lined up to celebrate the annexation of Crimea.


– He was crazy and stupid. I don’t have words. He has proven to be pro-Putin, which is totally unacceptable. We’re totally getting away from that, says Hanus, Kinetixx’s director of winter sports marketing.

Kinetixx had an agreement with the Russian Ski Federation for cross-country skiers and cross-country skiers, and two athletes. The agreement was terminated a few days after the start of the war. The same applies to the agreements that the brand has concluded with Belarusians.

Hanos responds forcefully to the statements of many Russian athletes. In particular, he shakes his head at the cross-country profile Bolshunov, who has participated among many sports stars. Anniversary of the inclusion Crimea. Russian media reported by 95,000 spectators were in their places in the stadium and 100,000 spectators in their places.

Bolshunov and others supported Putin. It was impossible to accept seeing them in the stadium during the trailer. Hanus says it is very sad to see that.

Previously, Bolshunov was one of Kinetixx’s biggest stars, such as Norwegian biathlon champion Johannes Thingnes Bø and Marte Olsbu Røiseland. But Bolshunov and other Russians have now been removed from the website in the brand’s list of practitioners.

– Will you be able to collaborate with Bolshunov or other Russian practitioners again in the future?

– no I do not think so. Putin’s support for what he’s doing is not good. Hanus answers: We’ve stopped everything and I don’t see any change in that.

– Have you had any contact with the Russians?

– number. Hanus answers: We are very far from what they are doing.

He says Kinetixx helped collect food and clothes for the Ukrainians.

On Wednesday, Swede Calle Halvarsson distanced himself from the fact that Bolshunov had been in his place before Putin’s speech last week.

– I don’t understand how they think. One wonders if they have been tricked or forced to do so, or do they not know what is really going on? It’s very strange, Halvarson tells Aftonbladet.

In the Russian state-controlled media The forbidden word of war. It’s referred to as a private operation, and social media is largely banned.

Bolshunov did not comment on the war itself, but said he’s upset About the fact that the Russians were not allowed to compete in the last races of the World Cup and the treatment they received in Norway before the trip to Russia. Olympic King Putin’s army captainNational Guard.

– We are upset, very upset. We were kicked out by the Norwegians. It is an additional insult. We are their biggest opponents, and we don’t like to be treated that way. But now we are back in Russia, where we have many fans and a lot of support,” Bolshunov said last week.

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Norwegian profiles like Therese Juhaug and Johannes Husfluth Klabauas well as the Federation, made it clear that they did not want the Russians to start.

Also supplier of penis and lubricant Swix has stopped collaborating With the Russians immediately after the start of the war. Ski brand Rossignol suspended the agreement with Bolshunov and the Russians.

Earlier in March, Bolshunov posted a photo on Instagram with an old suit and “CCCP 1980” in the caption. CCCP is an acronym for the former Soviet Union, of which Ukraine was a part. It elicited strong reactions. I finally got it Rusiñol Bolshunov to delete the post.

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