Madonna debuted a flame 35 years younger

Madonna debuted a flame 35 years younger

Pop star Madonna, 64, is currently working hard to prepare for her world tour, which unfortunately won’t take her to Norway.

But she still makes sure to get some fill in between strokes.

The hardest fight

In the photo above, which she herself posted to Instagram, we can see the Queen of Pop with her new flame, boxing trainer Josh Popper (29), on her way to a piano recital in New York City.

out of the closet? International singer Madonna shared a video with her fans in which she allegedly said she was gay. Video: tiktok / @madonna
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Although he’s 35 years younger than the pop star, Josh is actually five years older than Madonna’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Darnell, who was only 23 at the time.

They were together from August last year to February this year. Madonna is known to be very fond of young men — but Andrew, who is one year older than Madonna’s eldest son Rocco Ricci (22), might have been on the slightly younger squad?

Shocker - again

Shocker – again

Then Josh gets a little older. He owns and operates Bredwinners Gym, a gym in Manhattan where children and adults learn to box. According to the Daily Mail, he taught one of Madonna’s six children to box, and in this way they communicated with each other.

Madonna: Not everyone was impressed with what the aging queen of pop took off the stage during Melody’s Grand Prix: VIDEO: NRK. Clip: Kristoffer Løkås / Dagbladet TV
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