Magazine, TV2 | The TV2 editor, in an internal email about his own relationship with a well-known Islamist: – You know, I made a big mistake 16 years ago.

Urban Patti, a well-known radical Islamist, is back in the spotlight after last weekend’s shootings at the London Pub and Per on the Corner in central Oslo.

Patty and those responsible for the Oslo shooting were known in April Arrest On the teams holding the knife on the way to the cyan marking.

In it, TV2’s news editor Karianne Solbrecke and Patty’s relationship is re-established. Soulbreak and Patty had a romantic relationship in the late 2000s. Among other things, Solbrecke had to testify against Patti in a 2008 trial regarding Patty’s involvement in a shooting at a synagogue in St. Hanshogan.


Pinposton Access has now been granted to an internal e-mail at TV2, where Solbrake explains his relationship with Patty to his colleagues.

“As you know, I made a big mistake 16 years ago – and I publicly apologized,” Solbrake writes.

I care about transparency as much as possible, and while I don’t “talk it out” publicly, it’s always important to me to be transparent internally. It shouldn’t be an elephant, it shouldn’t be. This is part of my story and I live with the consequences. I completely voluntarily fought to return to TV 2 », it is said in the e-mail.

“We certainly do not allow our journalism to be influenced by my or others’ pasts,” he writes in an email given access to Aftenposten.

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Not incompetent

In connection with the 2008 trial of Patty, most Norwegian media chose not to name Solbrake, who was a journalist at the time.

To Aftenposten, TV2’s editor-in-chief Olav Terjesen Sandnes says he does not consider the news editor incompetent in the cases involving Urban Patti.

– I assumed the independence and impartiality of all my teachers at the time of their employment. There are no recent events that change the unbiased assessment I made when Karianne Solbrække was hired. I have no reason to doubt her assessments, Sandnes tells Optenposten.

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