Magdalena Anderson | Arrest of laundry help from the Swedish Prime Minister

Magdalena Anderson |  Arrest of laundry help from the Swedish Prime Minister

Swedish police have arrested two wanted men who washed up at the home of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. The opposition criticizes the lack of security measures.

He writes that the woman did not have a residence permit and was wanted express.

On December 21, the woman mistakenly set off a burglary alarm while washing up in Prime Minister Anderson’s private home. The police quickly arrived at the scene and checked her identity. Then it turned out that she was wanted because she did not leave the country after her application for a residence permit was rejected. The woman was arrested in her mid-twenties and is from Nicaragua.

The head of the cleaning agency the woman used to work for says he doesn’t know about the accident. He explains to the newspaper that he sometimes hires people from two different temporary agencies and that he was confident they were checking the background of the people being hired.

Many opposition politicians according to express He is highly critical of the lack of routine security procedures around the Prime Minister.

Toni Ericsson, director of communications for the Swedish Security Police SAPO, is not critical of the insecurity.

Our responsibility to the central government is to assess the threat profile against our protection and to develop preventive measures based on it. When it comes to people who will perform work for a protection person, it is not our job to control those people, he told the newspaper.

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Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson did not want to comment on the case. (© NTB)

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