Magnus Faller: Snowfall on Skålatårnet

Magnus Faller: Snowfall on Skålatårnet

Photo: Magnus Faller, Life Østgaard/VG

He only packed one layer of wool. Then it doesn't go well with the Christmas weather in July.

“The snow shovel is here no matter what the temperature is, but I didn’t calculate the volume of fresh snow,” says Faller.

He is the cabin steward at DNT's cabin at Skålatårnet in Breheimn in Stryn this year, and will spend three weeks at 1,843 metres above sea level.

Faller may be known to many from TikTok, but he’s also an avid skier. He signed up for the service as a cabin host for the altitude training portion.

Photo: Magnus Faller

And with him in his Monday gear, he also brought skis and poles, because there is usually a snow shovel at the top.

“The snow pile here is very steep, so I had to dig a path to avoid slipping. It snowed again, and ten hours of work were wasted,” he says, laughing.

– Digging in wet snow, so to speak, is a good CrossFit workout.



Light breeze from the west

4.2 Ms


the cold

Light wind from the southwest.

0.8 Ms





Light wind from the west

0.8 Ms



Light winds from the northeast.

2.6 Ms



Light wind from the north

0.6 Ms

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This week, he estimates there were five or six overnight guests and up to 20 visitors.

But on Friday, no one stopped. The reason was probably the estimated 25 centimetres of fresh snow. Valer hopes that good Norwegian mountain wisdom will apply to those considering the trip anyway.

Photo: Magnus Faller

– People should be careful. It's early here, and with the snow, it's not easy to know where the safe place is. I don't know where the snow line is. This is known to be a difficult trek. However, many times, you think about going to the summit if you've already made it this far.

For those who need a refresher, many of the Mountain Code rules address safe driving – the most important of them all: “There is no shame in turning.”

Unpredictable winter weather means days of relaxation for the cabin steward. On Saturday, baking bread, listening to the radio, drinking coffee and solving Sudoku are on the schedule.

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And maybe a little skiing.

“These are some of the quietest days I've ever had in my entire life,” says Faller.

Best or worst ever:

Snow is expected tomorrow as well.

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