Major issues with Windows-based virtual machines in Azure

Major issues with Windows-based virtual machines in Azure

Many Microsoft Azure clients You are having problems now If they try to perform administrative operations on their Windows-based virtual machines (VMs) in the Azure cloud.

This includes operations like StartAnd IncreasesAnd Update And delete. The new World Cup rollout and plugin update may also fail.

Marius Sandbo, Cloud Missionary in the Supra Styria, He writes on his blog Which attempts to perform operations ends in the following error message.

No version was found in the artifact repository that meets the required version for “VM Extension with Publisher “Microsoft.WindowsAzure.GuestAgent” and type “CRPPProd”.

Sandbu further writes that CRP stands for Compute Resource Provider, and is primarily responsible for all VM operations through a built-in extension called WindowsAzureGuestAgent. Sandbu suggests that Microsoft made some changes that resulted in a version conflict.

Azure issues affect all Microsoft Azure data centers, both in Europe and around the world. Screenshot:

According to Sandbu, other services that depend on CRP are also affected by the problem. This includes Azure Virtual Desktop and the Azure Kubernetes service.

The issues are said to have occurred around 9 am today, and apply globally. Not resolved after three hours.

Only Windows-based virtual machines are affected. The World Cup already underway, and will continue to do so, should not be directly affected by the problem.

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