June 6, 2023


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Makes PC repair easier: Dell's new model uses only four screws

Makes PC repair easier: Dell’s new model uses only four screws

Technology manufacturers are facing progressively increasing pressure to make electronics more convenient to repair and durable, both for consumer and environmental reasons. Now it seems that one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers has tried to position itself as a leader.

Dell recently unveiled a new laptop Which should be very easy to fix. The computer is called Concept Luna, and as the name suggests, it’s a PC that’s not ready for the consumer market — at least not yet.

Standard and Enhanced

Concept Luna is essentially a modular laptop in which the architecture has been meticulously refined and streamlined. Dell says the PC has 20 percent fewer components than a comparable, traditional PC, and the motherboard has been trimmed up to 75 percent.

The result is a carbon footprint reduced by about 50 percent and a personal computer that is environmentally sustainable and much easier to repair from a consumer perspective, according to Dell.

One of the actions the company has taken is to think in a completely new way when it comes to laying viscera. By shrinking the motherboard, for example, it became possible to place it near the top cover, exposing the motherboard to cold air from the outside.

Additionally, the motherboard is separated from the battery charger module, which the company says provides better passive heat distribution. These ideas believe that Dell can make active cooling, for example via a fan, unnecessary.

At least, the number of screws has been reduced to just four thanks to the modular design, which greatly simplifies access to components and makes recycling easier. According to Dell, the new design will reduce the time it takes to disassemble, repair and assemble the computer by about 1.5 hours.

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The computer has a modular design and few components, which facilitates the process of disassembly and assembly. Photo: Dale

Biological materials

The device also has what Dell calls an advanced deep cycle battery that will last for many years and through many component replacements.

Dell also made flax fiber circuit boards from biological materials and a water-soluble plastic, which means, among other things, it’s easier to separate the metal and components on the cards by recycling.

Concept Luna is the raw result of a Dell-like vision Already put up a year agoThe company advocated what they call circularity in product design—another word for reuse. According to Dell, more than 53 million tons of e-waste was generated in 2019, and only 17 percent of it was properly recycled.

The European Union is among those beginning to put some pressure on companies to facilitate more recycling and longer durability of electronic products, Through the so-called “right to repair” resolution recently adopted.

Other players have made some progress in meeting the calls, including Microsoft, which Committed to making their products more repairable After pressure from shareholders.