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Zaniar Matapour - bildet er hentet fra et overvåkningskamera på en restaurant i oslo. Matapour har på seg blå tskjorte og en sort lue. Han har grånende skjegg. Rundt ham er trebord og mørke skinnstoler. Han ser til høyre ut av bildet.

Zaniar Matapour er For murder, attempted murder and terrorism After the shooting in Oslo.

The police did not want to question him. He did not wish to speak to specialists assessing his mental health, and he did not waive his duty of confidentiality to the health service.

This means the police do not have access to his medical history.

The police prosecutor at the Oslo Police District, Kristian Hadlo, wanted them to have wider access in cases like this.

Photo: Keir Olsen / NTB

It’s very strict, says Christian Hadlo, police prosecutor at the Oslo Police District.

– No doubt it makes our job harder. We did not get the information. I would like to see us have more access to this kind of case, Hadlow tells NRK.

He thinks one should consider whether the police should have access to medical history in such serious cases.

Important history

One of the police hypotheses was that Mathapur was mentally ill and criminally incompetent.

It would be difficult to continue on that track, if the purpose did not eliminate the duty of confidentiality.

– I understand this is important information. Most people should know that they can safely talk to the health service. But when it comes to murder and terrorism – maybe should have been approached? Hadlow said.

Attorney Bernd Heiberg during the trial against Leila Bertheusen.  He wears a tie, white shirt and a long, black lawyer's suit.  He has medium blond hair, crosses his arms on the back of a chair, and looks to the left.  White walls behind him.

One of the defenders of Madapur, Bernd Heiberg.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTP

Matapur’s defense attorney, Bernd Heiberg, said there was a public document before it appeared that concerns about Madapur’s mental health had been raised.

Attorney Christian Elton is also defending the charge. According to him, before talking about the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

Psychiatrist Randi Rosenqvist explains why it’s important for police to gain insight into NRK’s ​​previous health history.

– It is important to see how other experts previously described the soul to the target and what signs he had. Rosenquist says a history is needed to understand how severe a person’s mental illness is.

Psychologist Randy Rosenquist sits in a temporary courtroom regarding ABB's request for parole in 2018.  Rosenquist has white, curly hair, glasses and a blue-green suit jacket.  She rests on a table with her arms crossed.  Behind her, there are two masked men at their respective tables.  The wall behind her is moss green.  She looks straight at the camera.

Anders Behring Breivik demanded that he be released on probation in 2018 during the psychologist Randy Rosenquist trial.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTP

At the same time, he points out, there are rules to protect patients.

Experts can gain insight

At the same time, it is up to experts to extract information from the health service, even if the police cannot access it.

Specialists can apply to access medical history, says Rosenquist.

– He explains that forensic psychiatric experts can obtain health information if a person is charged with a sentence of more than six years.

A picture of a man in a blue shirt outside a London pub in Oslo holding a long-stemmed white rose and a pride flag in front of a sea of ​​flowers.

A man lays a white rose outside the London pub in Oslo.

Photo: Javad Barza / NTB

But only if they themselves contact the institution or hospital where the person is admitted. There is no overview of which individuals have previously received treatment.

Therefore, professionals must determine for themselves whether a person has received treatment.

– One should search for information, yes, but if the objective is to bid one’s life in Oslo, one has not seen Tromsø. Rosenqvist says it is unlikely he received treatment at addresses other than those associated with the auction.

These are the experts

Experts have also been appointed to assess the mental health of Janiyar Madhapur.

Synne Sørheim, Knut-Petter Sætre Langlo and Pål Grøndahl, head doctor and specialist in psychiatry, will find out whether Matapour is criminally competent or not.

Forensic psychologist Paul Crandall photographed in the courtroom.  He is standing on the right in the picture, wearing black-framed glasses, a black shirt and a suit jacket.  He looks to the left.  On the left we see light wooden chairs with red leather upholstery.  Above the chairs, on a light, light wall, hangs the coat of arms of Norway.

Forensic psychiatrist Pål Grøndahl.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTP Scanpix

Expert Paul Crandall is one of the most famous forensic psychologists in Norway. He is also openly gay.

Sine Sorheim was one of the first two experts appointed during the trial against Anders Behring Breivik.

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