Man (26) has to go to court after cargo boat goes straight to Northhartlandsbrew – NRK Westland

Båt kjørte i Nordhordlandsbrua

The MV Framfjord, a cargo boat, crashed while parts of a wheelhouse were sailing Into the Northhortlands Bruva between Bergen and Flatte 6 June 2019 night in Hortland.

Police have now issued a chargesheet against the 26-year-old man who was the captain in charge of the cargo boat.

He was accused of being asleep or failing to pursue, causing the ship to collide with the derailed Northhartlandsbrew.

– This is an ugly case in that it caused great damage. In the worst case scenario, the bridge could have been inoperable and caused serious personal injury, says attorney and police attorney Driveway Ridland.

He says the prosecution has issued a chargesheet because the person did not give an unreserved confession.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

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Collision: The cargo boat MV Framford sailed to the Northhortlands Brew between Bergen and Flatte on the night of June 6, 2019 in Hardland.

The sailing did not hit the track

The sail under the Nordhordlandsbroen Bridge was about 30 meters high, but the cargo boat missed and collided north of the main run.

The boat is not in unknown waters, but Ridland points out that this is the “normal condition” of a cargo boat.

An excavation just in front of the wheelhouse completely collapsed when it collided with the bridge. Almost all the windows in the wheelhouse were broken.

The boat was damaged to the tune of more than 10 million, and it was later repaired.

There were seven people on the 80-meter-long boat, but no one was injured in the collision.

Barbett: The sailboat under the North Heartlands Broan Bridge was about 30 meters high, but the cargo boat missed and collided north of the main run.

Photo: RS Christian Gerhard Jepson 2 / NRK

The bridge will have a shorter service life

At the same time, the fatigue of the Northhardland Bridge weakened life and repair damage, which is currently estimated at more than NOK 9 million.

– Ritland says the bridge has gained some strong potholes and fatigue has weakened life.

Defendant’s attorney, Ottison, received the documents Monday in the Gazette and spoke briefly with his client.

He would not say anything about the defendant’s position in the case.

– It was a burden for him to wait more than two years until the trial was over, he says.

The person is scheduled to appear in Hortland District Court on December 14.

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