Man arrested for setting fire to Riona’s dog who became a star on TikTok – VG

Man arrested for setting fire to Riona's dog who became a star on TikTok - VG
Hillis: Riona is on her way to recovery, and her first operation is scheduled today.

Police in Memphis have charged a man with suspected lighter fluid on dog Riona and set him on fire, so she sustained fourth-degree burns on about 60 percent of her body.


to me News letters Did Riona become a star on TikTok after sharing dog videos on the platform.

Justice4riona’s account has nearly 100,000 followers and has received 1.4 million likes since July 3.

The first video describing what happened to the dog in Memphis, Tennessee, garnered 6.4 million views.

“People soaked it in fuel and set it on fire. I ran down the street surrounded by fire. However, all she wanted was for everyone to love. Share her story!” she says in the video.

Wednesday wrote Memphis Police on Facebook That on the evening of June 20 they moved to a report on animal cruelty. There they were informed that a woman named Quinn had been set on fire on purpose and was in full swing.

Gifts: Tails of Hope announced six days ago that Riona has received several gifts.

The veterinary hospital that treated the dog stated that an accelerator was used. He had a fourth-degree burn that covered about 60 percent of the body.” writes the police.

Accused of cruelty to animals and arson

Video surveillance showed a nearby man running from the area 36 seconds before the dog escaped and ran off in the street.

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On July 11, the police were called after the suspect threatened another that he would burn down the house of the person who reported the police and gave them the surveillance video.

Accused: Kishon Brown in the arrest photo released by the police.

On July 12, the suspect, Kishon Brown, 43, was arrested. Police wrote that he is now charged with animal cruelty, assault and arson.

In the weeks following the fire, the dog gradually improved. According to TikTok and Facebook updates, she is receiving treatment and will have her first operation on Thursday.

The dog is being treated at Tails of Hope Dog Rescue and was named Riona. According to ABC, they started the dog’s TikTok account.

On July 8, animal protection told Tails of Hope that Riona is doing very well. Then they wrote that this week she would start getting skin grafts on her face first. They wrote that thanks to the staff of the Bluff City Animal Hospital, she avoided infection and recovered well.

Tails of Hope leader Ginger Natoli was shocked by the incident:

I have never witnessed such brutal torture of an innocent animal before.

– I can’t even imagine what it feels like to be burned alive. It’s not just Riona’s justice that we fight for, but the rights of all animals, says Natoli.

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