Manchester United agrees with Ralf Rangnick for a temporary coaching job – VG

Manchester United agrees with Ralf Rangnick for a temporary coaching job - VG
Football Philosophy: Ralph Rangnick has a long career as a top-level football coach, preferably in Germany. Here as Director of RB Leipzig in 2019.

The reliable sports magazine The Athletic quoted anonymous sources as saying that Manchester United had agreed with German Ralf Rangnick (63) to take over the team temporarily. The club has not officially confirmed this.


Rangnick is currently working as a director of Lokomotiv Moscow, but according to the athlete United are not expected to have problems getting him released from this contract. Transitional Journalist Fabrizio Romano He writes that the agreement between Manchester United and Lokomotiv Moscow has not yet been concluded.

The magazine, in an article by journalists David Ornstein and Laurie Whitwell, wrote that the contract is for six months. Moreover, according to the magazine, he will continue for another two years in an advisory role.

The Manchester Evening News wrote on Wednesday that Rangnick was the club’s first choice as interim manager, and newspaper journalist Samuel Lockhurst wrote on Twitter on Thursday that the German was in Manchester earlier this week.

According to Luckhurst, he should not have been satisfied with the first offer, but should have agreed to the new terms.

A legend in German football, he has helped bring about a boom in German football in the past 20 years, describes Evind Bisgaard-Sundt, a German football expert and commentator at Viaplay.

He notes that Rangnick changed football in his homeland, among other things by being a champion in zonal defense in the late 1990s, when men’s defense was commonplace in Germany.

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Rangnick is often credited with being one of the creators of “counter-pressure football,” a tactic that involves pressing immediately after the ball is lost.

The style of play that Jurgen Klopp has today, with high pressure, is in many ways Ralph Rangnick of football. He was the one who had the origin. Bisgard Sundit says he is seen as the professor.

The 63-year-old is also known as the creator of clubs, including FC Hoffenheim (2006-2011) that went from “nothing” to a big club. He was also the sports architect for team RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg. In 2012 he coached both clubs, and later became manager of RB Leipzig.

– It’s a very exciting job if this becomes a thing. Bisgaard Sundet believes that you can have someone who has a clear philosophy in terms of playing style and managing the club.

– He must have all the power. He adds that he does not work in a job where he is not allowed to decide everything.

As a species, Rangnick is described as “very non-charismatic”.

– He’s not Jürgen Klopp’s type, to say the least. He is professional.

Do you think Ralph Rangnick would be a suitable coach for Manchester United?

According to The Athletic, the German must have accepted an offer to take over the club on a temporary basis.

Already on Sunday, Chelsea are waiting on the other side for a big game at Stamford Bridge. However, this match comes too early for Rangnick, who according to Athletic has to have his work permit approved before he can take the job that is being replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaers.

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Michael Carrick took charge of Manchester United temporarily following Solskjaer’s dismissal on Sunday 21 November. He led the team in one game – the 2-0 win over Villarreal on Tuesday, which also secured a group victory in the Champions League when Cristiano Ronaldo and Jadon Sancho scored the goals.

note! Ralf Rangnick led Schalke 4 in 23 games in 2011. At that time, they were knocked out in the semi-finals of the Champions League – at the hands of Manchester United.

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