June 8, 2023


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Manchester United, Premier League |  Neville Hard vs Manchester United:

Manchester United, Premier League | Neville Hard vs Manchester United:

Gary Neville is not impressed with the decisions made at the old club over the past eight years.

On Sunday, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was forced to step down as Manchester United coach, becoming the fourth in a row after Sir Alex Ferguson.

Before the Norwegian, David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho also tried to lead the club to success, without much success.

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Neville: – Something has to change

There is no doubt that former United player Gary Neville. He thinks the problem is with those who run the club and their decisions.

If you spend more than £1 billion, bring in world-class coaches to Mourinho and Van Gaal and then suffer, then there is something fundamentally wrong with the club that makes them not win, according to Sky Sports.

Something has to change in order for the club to reach what it needs. We can reasonably say that Ole’s job is to build the bridge to a better future, that someone is going to pick him up and run with him and then go on to win the league. But I’m not sure, he continues.

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Neville now suggests that the old club should look to the rival in the city, who he believes has been able to build a football empire on the basis of good management decisions.

– I live in the center of Manchester. When I drive to Manchester City, I don’t just see a football field. I see a DJ playing off the field, I see a set atmosphere, a supportive experience, and a soul.

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– I see a new 25,000 seat music arena being built (on the Federation campus), it’s a world-class academy, world-class facilities, a smaller stadium used by the academy and women’s teams. They’ve built a football empire here, where everything is connected, and they make good decisions on and off the field, says Neville.

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– It can’t happen three times

Just months before Solskjaer was fired, he signed a new three-year contract with the club, Which, by the way, caused reactions in England. The same thing happened with both Van Gaal and Mourinho.

Three of the four directors were given long-term contracts or extensions, then fired within a few months. It can happen once, but not three times, says Neville.

Neville now believes the old club must take action on several levels.

They have to hire a good manager, and they have to schedule the next one correctly to build on the work that has been done in the last two or three years, they have been more thinking in the transition market and made better decisions. Off the field, however, they must build a vision for the club. Neville says the vision creates supportive experiences, and brings Manchester United back to the point where there is connection, all the way from top to bottom.

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You have to make everyone believe that they are on a journey towards something big and that there is something that binds people together. Not just locally or nationally, but globally.

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