Manchester United, Premier League | Scholes has a clear message to Pogba:

Manchester United, Premier League |  Scholes has a clear message to Pogba:

Paul Pogba is on an expired contract, and in a few months he could start talks with other clubs.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Manchester United are going through a difficult period on the football field, standing by one win in their last four games.

It’s starting to burn under the feet of the Kristiansund man, as the club spent a lot of money in the window that was strengthening the squad and now more people think you should get more of the stability the club has built.

Another problem for the Norwegian is one of the club’s biggest stars, Paul Pogba, who has an expiring contract and has been one of the team’s best players this season. The 28-year-old is rumored to include Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and Juventus, but if we believe the English press, there is still hope that he will sign a new contract in Manchester.

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– you do not understand

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes recently commented on the podcast Webby and O’Neill He thinks it is strange that the club has not already signed a new agreement with the Frenchman.

Manchester United struggle to get enough quality in midfield, and Paul Pogba is one of those who have it. The United legend says there has been talk that he could disappear quickly, but I don’t understand why he would want to leave England.

It continues:

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– If he goes to Real Madrid then look at the La Liga, it’s just a mess there. The quality there is completely gone, but maybe Paris Saint-Germain will replace it. England is the right place for you, just look at the best clubs here and at the same time the best coaches in this league and. Now it’s up to the club to decide if they want him more or not.

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Pogba’s contract has less than a year left, and he could theoretically start negotiating with other clubs already in January. Scholes believes the club have put themselves in a difficult position, by waiting so long to sign the 28-year-old on a longer contract.

– I think the club mishandled this issue here, because that would never have happened when I played. Our coach would never leave a key player less than two years on his contract. The problem is that he doesn’t put out the best performances every week, but if he played at the level he does for France, he should have signed long ago.

The 28-year-old made an impressive start to the season, providing four assists in the first game against Leeds, and remains the assist king with a total of seven assists.

lost balance

Ole Gunnar Solskjær has received support and criticism from several teams in recent weeks, but Scholes believes the Norwegian has the backing of the club and that it does not take much to improve the performance.

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Ole does not seem to be able to find balance in the team, especially in the midfield. I think that’s the difference between Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City. They are more aggressive and forward-thinking, no matter who they meet.

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– If Ole succeeds in cracking this code, we will have a lot of exciting players who will give us success. At the moment you seem to be missing one player in midfield, for balance. He is unable to decide whether he wants to have two balancing a midfield, or one.

For the home match against Everton, Solskjaer opted to rest Cristiano Ronaldo, and later received criticism for his selection.

The match against Young Boys was disastrous and we were lucky here against Villarreal. Now Solskjaer is expected to take the club back to the top and win trophies. I think he has the club’s support and he gets the time. You can see that they are starting to rest players in some matches, and I think the club is not in a position to do that. And then Scholes concludes that it will hit us.

After a relatively simple match program at the start of the season, Manchester United will face some tough weeks with matches against Leicester, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City in the next four matches in the Premier League.

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