Many mountain passes can be closed – NRK Vestland

Many mountain passes can be closed – NRK Vestland

There has already been some weather, and there will be more, says meteorologist Lars Andreas Helberg.

New low pressure is on its way to us, and could lead to winds in open spaces.

In Stade, the winds will increase to a strong southwesterly gale, and possibly even the arrival of a hurricane.

In parts of the country, 50-80 mm of rain is expected over a 12-hour period.

This means that a yellow hazard warning is now being sent due to rainfall, flooding and landslides.

Precipitation forecast applies to Nord-Rogaland and Hordaland. There will be an increased risk of flooding in parts of western Norway, while landslide risks will apply to all of western Norway, according to the year.

Amounts of precipitation can lead to surface waters in densely populated areas.

It’s wise for people to check that the water is allowed to drain, that’s Helberg’s advice.

From Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning, 50-80 mm of precipitation is expected.

Rain: Up to 80 mm of precipitation was reported in 12 hours, starting Tuesday evening

Photo: YR

Can be closed mountain passes

Large amounts of precipitation, as well as snowmelt due to rising temperatures, increase the risks of floods and landslides.

This can lead to a closed path and parts of the road. Today, former employees of Vegtrafikksentralen announced that District Road 609 in Hundsåna in Askvoll of kl will be closed. 16:00 due to heavy rain and high risk of landslides.

A new evaluation will be done here on Wednesday at 09.00.

According to Vegtrafikksentralen’s traffic operator, Jørgen Bødtker, they have not yet been notified of the other closed sections.

On the other hand, strong winds and precipitation on most mountain passes in southern Norway can have consequences.

Vegtrafikksentralen reports that there will be a driving pole on national road 13 Vikafjellet. The mountain will be closed tonight from 23.00, but it can be closed early at short notice.

There could also be a pole driving over Hardangervidda from this afternoon.

– We got a message from a contractor on the mountain that it might be related to vertical driving over Hardangervidda, if the weather forecast came true, he says.

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