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Norwegian Public Roads Administration And the police go out with caution.

“Be careful and focus” is the key message at the start of Easter.

Storms are predicted to cause problems on many mountain trails.

Here is what happened on Saturday morning:

  • E6 on Dovrefzel May be closed at short notice. Snowfall and strong storms are expected in the casts after 14.00 today.
  • Highway 15 on Strainefjellet May close at short notice today. Strong winds and snowfall are expected, in addition there is a risk of landslides in the area
  • Fylkesveg 51 Valdresflye on Innlandet closed Due to the storms from Biktin to Maurvangan. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post
  • Highway 7 over Hortangarvita Closed to cars due to bad weather. For vehicles weighing 7.5 tons, there is column driving
  • On Hemsetelsfjellet Is it column driving? This road may be closed shortly
  • 50 Hole-Arland on County Road That’s itolonnekjring. The road was closed in the morning Due to bad weather
  • Fylkesveg 53 Tyin – Årdal Closed due to bad weather
  • On E10 Bjørnfjell in Norwich Is it column driving?

Bad weather prevails in the hills. Gaute Losnegård, a police operator in Vegtrafiksentralen uniform, says that in a safe place, we take people who are driving in the column.

Lasnegard Says The weather is likely to remain the same until Monday. He believes the best thing is to postpone the drive.

Waltresfly: This is visible on the inland County Road 51 Waltresfly, which was closed due to the storm from Pygmy to Maurvankan. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Photo: Norway Public Roads Administration / Webcam

Avalanche risk in many places

There is a risk of avalanches in western Norway this weekend and there is significant risk in many areas.

– Avoid avalanche terrain, which is a call to avalanche warning.

Avalanche risk is high in western Norway with heavy rainfall, so a major avalanche was announced in Romstalen, Sunmore and Indre Fjorden on Sunday.

Significant avalanches have been reported in several regions, including Troms and Finnmark. Reports

There have been several severe avalanches recently, and three French men were killed in an avalanche at Lyngen in Troms earlier this week.

Fresh snow is high in the mountains in many areas in recent days. This weekend, fresh snow was reported at high altitudes in many places.

Due to this, the main rescue center in southern Norway and the avalanche alert has been issued.

– We recommend everyone to avoid avalanche terrain. That is, steep terrain above 30 degrees and exit zones for avalanches, says Gustav Place, duty officer at the avalanche alert.

In Romsdal, Sunnmøre and Indre Fjordane, there is a red alert on Sunday, the second highest level. In addition, NTB has an orange alert for western Finmark, North Troms, Lincoln, Tromso, South Troms, Inner Troms, Swartzen, Hellsland, Trollheimen, Jodenheimen, Intresoken, Voss and Hortanger.

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