December 7, 2022


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Many people have sleep problems - wake up using countless alarms and doorbells - NRK Sørlandet - Local news, TV and radio

Many people have sleep problems – wake up using countless alarms and doorbells – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– I can sleep through 20 alarms in the morning.

Christine Olsen is a journalist at NRK and often starts work at 5 am.

As a B person, this can present problems.

– I have a good sleeping heart for better or worse. I fall asleep easily, but the dangerous thing about it is that I can fall asleep, says Olson.

Several alarm clocks are placed around her bedroom. On bad days, she can turn them off in her sleep.

And they are so loud that she has asked neighbors to let her know if it bothers them.

Many young people struggle with sleep

– I have to do something about this. But it is difficult and I love the evening, she says.

And she’s not alone.

Statistics from the Student Health Survey show that 33 percent of students have trouble sleeping. The trend is increasing.

This was confirmed by Bjørn Bjorvatn, a sleep researcher and professor at the University of Bergen.

– Regardless of whether they are A or B people, they are often tired because they don’t get enough sleep.

If you get out of bed early, go for a jog, and read the newspaper before going to work, you can consider yourself a man.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those people who considers calling in sick at work because you can’t get up, you’re a B person.

According to Bjorvatn, genetics, environment and age are important factors in why you are one or the other.

One should prioritize sleep. Sleep is absolutely essential to function. Without it, you will perform poorly at work and school.

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Read more about the professor’s tips for a good sleep rhythm in the article.

Aberrant circadian rhythm

While the path to an easy morning is prioritizing sleep, it’s not always easy to practice when life gets in the way.

When the alarm beeps, it’s hard to tear away from the warm duvet and sweet dreams.

And people use many different strategies to succeed.

Basset Kodamani (23) is a student at UiA and one of those who needed an extra push.

Several alarms are set on his phone to get him out of bed.

– I don’t have my own circadian rhythm. I only own sleep.

Godamani also sometimes engages in night duties. That’s why his alarms are set for all hours of the day.

How difficult at 07.00, at 05.00

Adelina Ibishi is the anchor of NRK’s ​​P3 Morgan and starts the working day at 06.00.

For Ibishi, the feeling of being reluctantly awakened by the screeching of an alarm clock is terrifying.

– I do not remember that it was easy to get up at seven o’clock. I think about waking up with an alarm.

Adelina Ibishi has been the host of P3 Morgen for over two years.

Photo: n13513 / n13513

To make the process of waking up easier for herself, she watches one less episode of a TV series every night.

Additionally, she tries to wake up early on weekends so that Mondays don’t turn dark blue.

Sleep is more important than you might think

The benefits of adequate sleep are well documented. Every organ and every cell in the body needs sleep, says sleep researcher Bjorn Bjorvatn.

Too little sleep can have big consequences over time, he says. For example:

  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Overweight
  • Diabetics
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer
  • Increased mortality

– There is a cure for those who struggle the most. For most people, prioritizing sleep will make things better. Go to bed early, says Björvatn.

But there are other aids.

Light therapy is one of them. This means exposing oneself to daylight to maintain circadian rhythms.

That’s why many people struggle so much in winter. Then you can buy a separate lamp that gives you enough light.

For those who are really struggling, you can get medical treatment.

– It is normal for young people to be more tired. But it gets better as you get older. Maybe you’re good at prioritizing sleep.

What’s your best tip for waking up in the morning?


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