Many sports circles are skeptical about MyGame: – You have to be very careful

Many sports circles are skeptical about MyGame: – You have to be very careful
Agreed: Founder and Principal Owner Harald Strømme at MyGame and Head of Football Lise Klaveness when the popular sports ‘TV agreement’ was announced in April.

The Oslo Sports District expressed its negative attitude towards the MyGame streaming service early on. Now many circles are skeptical of this concept.


In the Trondelag Sports Region, which represents 542 sports teams, several board members have expressed their desire to MyGame Agreement It must be brought up again for discussion in the council.

– We remain skeptical and generally uncomfortable. The question is whether this is in the best interests of children and young people. The babies are saved for the time being and hopefully they will stay that way, the organization’s director Kjell Bjarne Helland tells VG.

MyGame is a platform that facilitates live streaming of sporting events with youth up to the age of 15. through VG More articlesMore articlesOne article documents how a twelve-year-old who fought in a match sent online by MyGame was disqualified. Another shows how a handball and volleyball team, with several players under the age of 13, was mistakenly filmed and broadcast. Show how players who weren’t supposed to be shot and saved are being streamed online.

Helland states that the circuit clearly sees the benefits MyGame can provide to sports teams with better financial means, by making competitive sports available to more people, and that through MyGame sports can better control the depiction of events.

– But Trøndelag Sports Circle has always believed that there should be reverse approval. In other words, you have to actively go in and say yes to broadcasting and not the other way around, Hyland says.

Removed: This is a screenshot from a globe game where some players got into a fight. Footage of this was on TV 2 Play for over a week before it was removed.

Inger Lilleby Fløgum is the head of the Innlandet Sports Department which includes 563 sports teams and believes that great care must be taken when photographing children and young people.

– We know there are a number of children at risk who don’t need to be photographed, not least considering the extent of the bullying, she says.

– can be misused

The Westland Sports Council also believes that a foot on the ground should be taken now.

– We must get rid of the unfortunate aspects of this. Work on a watertight regulatory framework must continue, says chairman Nils R Sundal – and he sees the benefits of “gaining greater interest in grassroots sports” among Westland’s 634 sports teams.

– There are different aspects to this. But it can be misused and anyone who objects to its portrayal should be considered. He adds that if this is to be implemented, it must be done according to guidelines where we do not risk mishaps.

The MyGame debate has raged in the past few weeks.

The background is that six private associations in Norwegian sports have entered into a collaboration with TV 2’s part-owned company MyGame in the live filming and distribution of youth sports across the country.

It provides income-generating opportunities for clubs, but individual incidents have led to significant debate over the wide platform.

Culture Minister Annette Trebergstoen (AP) believes it is “absolutely essential that the Norwegian Sports Confederation and MyGame carry out comprehensive assessments and ensure that all laws, rules and guidelines are carefully followed at all times”.

– There have already been some gross examples of failure which it is absolutely necessary to stop immediately if they are to be able to continue with such broadcasts. I suppose the Norwegian Sports Confederation will take the lead on this and stop broadcasting if they are not quite sure about protecting the athletes’ privacy, she tells VG.

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Skeptical: Inger Lilleby Fløgum in the indoor sports area.


Fløgum i Innlandet Idrettskrets lists a number of things that remain unclear before the planned broadcast is rolled out on a larger scale than it is now:

– I don’t know how the teams are informed about the filming of the match. It is important that there is an age limit of 15 years and that it is possible to make a reservation. But she points out that even if it’s a 15-year-old’s match, there are often players much younger than that age.

Both MyGame and the Norwegian Sports Federation (NIF) senior management confirmed that you should be able to reserve against the broadcast without giving any reason.

– How do you protect yourself from that? And how do you ensure good enough training for those who have to start and stop the cameras? At first I was skeptical, Flugum says.

Presented in Oslo

The Oslo Department of Sports reported to General Secretary Magne Brycki early on that they were skeptical, and that the responsible city councilor in the capital, Omar Sami Jamal (SV), had set foot in MyGame in Oslo Municipality. Argued, among other things, with an increased risk of bullying and performance pressure.

Clear speech: From liberal politician Hallstein Bjercke, here during a press conference in Oslo in 2019.

VG has been in contact with all 11 sports circles in the country. Many of them are waiting for a clear position to be taken in anticipation of being discussed in the Council.

This applies to Viken, Nordland, Rogaland, Vestfold, Telemark, Troms, Finnmark, Agder, Møre and Romsdal.

– But I can often say this that I am deeply concerned about the need to protect those who need it. For me, it is not enough for the majority to want to stream the activity. Kåre Sæter says in Møre og Romsdal that it is those in the minority who need the protection that responsible sports managers must provide.

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Not straight ahead

Reinert Arsith of the Nordland sports circuit says he initially thought it was a good idea to have a show to show both grassroots and elite sports.

– But there are some Be careful of the labelsBe careful of the labelsThe Vær Varsom label is a list of self-imposed ethical standards for print, radio, television and online publications in Norway. The poster was first adopted in 1936, and has since been revised several times by the Norwegian Press Association. He says you have to be aware of that.

Hans-Martin Berevgel, Head of the Vestfold and Telemark Sports District, adds:

– It’s exciting that they can do this within the regulations. This will also be a paid service as I understand it, so it’s also a challenge in the “sports for all” debate. It could enhance a bit on that part as well, seeing kids here also costs money. There are so many aspects to problems that can be brought up and discussed, it’s not straight forward, says Bærefjell.

Recording: The volleyball and handball teams are filmed practicing, warming up and stretching. At first, it was a widely broadcast handball match that was supposed to be broadcast.

Guidelines must be evaluated

The head of the digital department at the Norwegian Sports Confederation, Pål K. Rønnevik, answers on behalf of the Confederation.

– We respect the controversy surrounding both broadcasting in general and dissolving broadcasting in particular. It’s also natural given the media’s focus on these matters in recent weeks. It is important here that NIF contributes to the reporting of the matter and that we include good information and clarifications in terms of the framework around this, he says.

He notes that NIF has established “general guidelines for broadcasters in Norwegian sports and a digital service for dealing with privacy”. Many sports circles are concerned about the hold solution, Runevik explains that they arrived at this after dialogue with the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and “other legal experts”.

– Here we have created a good solution where the individual does not have to give a reason, the automatic reservation of people in need of protection and where the one who made the reservation is not exposed. He adds that this helps reduce stress on the individual in contrast to active consent.

In conclusion, he says that the guidelines must be evaluated, and that the Sports Council has requested that the matter be presented again during the first quarter of 2023.


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