Many students cancel their exams due to rising smoke – NRK Westland

Many students cancel their exams due to rising smoke – NRK Westland

– One gets annoyed, because I prepared well for this exam, says Joren Cranfer, a student at Forte Secondary School in Sunfjord.

Around 400 students were evacuated after a fire broke out in a toilet at a large school in Forte.

A fire alarm was sounded and the sprinkler system was activated in some parts of the building.

Many of the graduating students take the oral exam, a standard that means a lot to the diploma.

When parts of the school flooded after the sprinkler system, several students were told they would not be able to complete their exams.

– I could get a good grade, but now the whole exam has been canceled and I didn't get a grade on the diploma, says Kronfer, who was about to take the oral exam in physics.

A total of 200 students were scheduled to take the exams today, most of whom passed as usual, while the exams of around 15 students were cancelled.

Big exam day

There were 200 students in the school that day to write the exam.

– We are glad that we were able to complete most of the exams today. The school's principal, Mats Brien, says it's a big exam day.

Fire service in Førde VGS

Examination of 15 students who scored less than one mark in Diploma was cancelled.

Photo: Oddleif Løset / NRK

He says the science room was damaged by water from the sprinkler system as the reason why 15 students failed to take the exam.

– Brian says that it's not proper to use those rooms, and then a few students get hurt, and assures that the students don't need to prepare again:

– They don't need to retake the exam, it's an incident that no one can control or blame, Brian says.

Start in a toilet

The police and fire department were informed 10.41 Smoke was coming from the toilet at the school.

The fire was brought under control by 11 am and the fire brigade was contacted.

– The school's sprinkler system extinguished the fire before the fire department arrived, police incident commander Sturla Iman said.

A fire emergency at a school in Forte

The fire department rushed out with a heavy force after receiving information that a fire had broken out at the school, where there were 400 students.

Photo: Oddleif Løset / NRK

Police are conducting technical and tactical investigations to determine the cause of the fire.

– One hypothesis is that the emergency manager says it was an arson attack.

It makes students react.

– It's frustrating for those of us who wanted to finish the exam, says Joran Cranfer.

On Tuesday, a fire broke out in a toilet at Fortey High School. No one was injured in the fire.

11.06.2024, at 15.36 hrs

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