– Many will soon find a new classmate or neighbor from Ukraine – VG

Oriented: City Councilor Raymond Johansson was on his way to Oslo’s first reception center for Ukrainian refugees. Vivian Ellingsen Kotas, Head of Transport and Reception at UDI, explains to him here.

– It is important for us to come here and make it very clear that Oslo is ready. We will do everything we can for the refugees. There will be big requirements here.


– Oslo people will get a new classmate or new neighbor from Ukraine in the future. We welcome them. City Councilman Raymond Johansson says many of them may feel a little left out.

On Sunday, he and a small group of city councilors visited the Scandic Helsfyr, which was temporarily used as a reception center by the UDI.

The hotel is part of the Oslo Municipality’s emergency services.

There is a peaceful atmosphere of meeting the mayor. About 20 Ukrainian refugees are being held at the hostel. Most of them are in their rooms and many of them are with their pet.

Life ended: – These are very shocked people, who in a few days turned their lives upside down. They see the world’s third largest military force entering their country. This is a confusing situation, and it seems likely that it will last a long time, says city councilor Raymond Johansson. Next to him is Rina Marion Hansen, coordinator of the City Council for Work, Coordination and Social Services.

Often not recorded

On Sunday evening, a new bus is expected to be loaded. Unlike Two buses were stopped Sunday morning. This is not unannounced.

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Buses with about 50 refugees usually arrive unannounced and must be accommodated shortly. There may be multiple bus loads to get on short notice, the city council chairman believes.

– We do not know how many will come, but Oslo is ready to get the number UDI asks us. We are experienced refugees. In recent years, the capacity has been greatly reduced as the number of asylum seekers has dropped dramatically, says Johansson.

The Hellsfire Hotel has 1000 seats and 420 rooms.

The refugees will eventually be resettled around their homes in Oslo. Work has begun in the districts.

Need to build faster

Rina Marion Hansen, City Councilor for Work, Coordination and Community Services, is responsible for coordination.

He says we face the great challenge of developing capacity quickly.

– We have an idea that this is a huge amount, she says.

The head of the health service, Hilde Therese Hamre, says the UDI and the state help in health care for refugees.

– Some people suffer from diabetes and forget about medication. Psychological help is in high demand, and many are traumatized.

Many cushions

UDI announced on Sunday that it will continue to expand the offer at the Visit Center in Råde.

On Friday, they received 350 extra mattresses and ten new toilets.

– We ask staff to handle unannounced buses carrying about 50 people on each bus, but we do everything we can to take care of everyone in the best possible way.

  • UDI collaborates with NOS, the Red Cross and the Civil Defense to take care of refugees.
  • 128 new asylum seekers from Ukraine were registered on Saturday.
  • 510 new asylum seekers were registered last week.
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Collective security

The government introduced it on Friday Temporary joint protection For refugees from Ukraine. The previous day, 27 EU countries had agreed to this.

The plan is for Ukrainian citizens to obtain temporary residency for up to three years without personal assessment.

A similar national program was introduced in Norway during the Balkan War in the 1990s.

The government has asked immigration officials to strengthen capacity and map out the capacity of the various municipalities.

Runs over 1.5 million

In ten more days More than 1.5 million According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), people were forced to flee Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

Grandi writes that this is the fastest growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. Twitter.

The UN fears 4 million people will leave Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion and war, while other experts say 10 million Ukrainians will be forced to flee, the NTB said.

Horrible video proof: From day one, civilians and the military have filmed the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The markers on the map contain documents about the war. All videos are constantly checked by VG.

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