March 23, 2023


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Marcus & Martinez Abandon MGPjr Annual Ceremony - Moves To City - VG

Marcus & Martinez Abandon MGPjr Annual Ceremony – Moves To City – VG

UTEBLE: Marcus and Martinez Gunersen. Picture taken when they were 18 years old.

The biggest stars since the junior edition of the Melody Grand Prix did not attend NRK’s ​​Guardian-filled annual broadcast, and viewers may get the impression that they are both overseas.


Twenty years after the first edition of MGPjr, the NRK has teamed up with previous winners to embellish Saturday’s show, with many of them distinguishing themselves in retrospect – Nicole Ram, Agnet Saba, Malin Rayton and Swall.

However, the biggest pop stars created by MGPjr are not in the Telenor arena: Marcus & Martinez won in 2012 with “Two Drops”.

Over the next decade, the Troop duo became one of Norway’s biggest pop hits, with huge hits, the “Spellman of the Year” trophy and a solid army of fans outside their home country.

– Currently in Stockholm

– Congratulations on the twentieth anniversary, both said at the end of the MGPjr final, in a video sent shortly before the start of the previous winners’ cavalry – Marcus & Martinez appeared in the video (see below).

– We’ve currently in Stockholm and working with new music, but hope you enjoy it tonight!

However, this is not the case Hero On the sacred VGTV and TV2 presenter Mads Hansens Instagram story Saturday night you can see Marcus & Martinez with Hansen in Frockner, Oslo.

Hanson’s story shows that the duo, who turned 20 in February, ate at the venue of the Champions League final. It ran parallel to the MGPjr broadcast.

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According to the couple’s manager Karianne Thorsrud Fjeldheim, they were scheduled to leave for Stockholm for work on Saturday afternoon.

– But due to illness in the group in Sweden, the pre-preparation work for concerts this summer was changed to short notice, he writes in an email.

– So they could not get ready for a show at NRK tonight.

Not worried

NRK’s ​​communications consultant Tonje Bergmo writes in an email that they believe the brothers were having fun.

– Bergmo says we are not too worried about what Marcus and Martinez choose to spend Saturday nights.

– We received them on tape and we are very happy with the result. Complete with both mix and evening.

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