Maren Lundby lost the Olympics – she saves sport

Maren Lundby lost the Olympics - she saves sport

The It’s easy to move when Olympic champion Maren Lundby drops her gold medal defense because she thinks it will cost too much for the rest of her life:

I think it’s a good choice, and I’m doing it to take care of myself. Not to take any shortcutsShe told NRK yesterday.

This explains what most people have realized in recent years; There is something special about Marin.

She is more than just another Norwegian champion of winter sports who earns gold and accolades in the most prestigious competitions around the world, as our skaters have done for as long as the world has competed on skates.

The drama behind yesterday’s shock message once again shows this personal quality of the best Norwegian ski jumps ever.

And Her injured knee prior to last season, Maren Lundby plunged into a painful downward spiral that ended forcing her to finally take care of the rest of her life.

Then there was no doubt. There should be no shortcuts.

This was a wise but pioneering decision. For years, Marin has orchestrated every little detail of her daily life around becoming the best skateboarder possible. Now you lose the Olympics instead.

But no matter how heavy the personal loss, concern for others outweighs it.

Her straightforward, honest story of how she struggled with weight, was just told to the many Norwegian sports talents who unfortunately identify themselves in it.

After Marin’s shock message, it is no longer a taboo to talk about weight in Norway’s top sports. This is more about girls and boys than most of them would dare to believe.

in a From this perspective, Marin’s honesty becomes far more important than the medals she and Norway might miss at the Beijing Olympics. For a weak little Norwegian jump group, losing the best is a huge loss. But for Norway’s top sports, this openness is one of the best things that can happen:

  • For the Olympic champion to say no to the Olympics so as not to lose himself, saves the sport at best.
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This honesty usually comes next. This is the time when the greatest athletes sometimes tell about all the pain inflicted on them by the hard daily training work.

Maren Lundby speaks before the worst really happens. You have not lost any control.

She just doesn’t want to take shortcuts.

The It was a common knee injury that started the problems. Last fall, Marin took an MRI and received it fix Knee rupture. She had without knowing that he developed the so-called “Knee jumpers”, which is an inflammatory reaction in the patellar tendons. This injury often also affects exercisers, and as the name suggests is associated with a lot of jump-based training in completely different sports.

The injury required alternate training in order to find the right shape for the World Cup. It seems that she managed it brilliantly. He won another gold medal at Oberstdorf, but he had a serious problem in terms of achieving new success in his sport.

Alternate training led to permanent weight gain; The well-known reaction of sports with weight classes is that athletes often and quickly have to regulate their weights.

Touch: Dagbladet sports commentator Esten O. Sæther comments on the incident around Maren Lundby’s withdrawal from the Olympics. Video: Dagbladet TV. Host: Magnus Paus.
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some Weeks after taking gold at the World Cup, Marin alerted the jump management of the ongoing difficulties with new training procedures and weight. Since then, they have worked with her with the help of nutritionists and doctors to solve the problem. But she eventually realized that this would cost a lot.

In fact, the focus was on the popular TV2 show “Do we dance?“One last attempt to find an alternative training to which the body reacted positively. It was a calculated opportunity. When it wasn’t done, she and the jump management realized it was a really bad time towards the Olympics.

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And a good time to say stop.

Pictures Competition breaks can be justified in several ways. What practitioners choose, of course, reflects their usual social behavior. For Maren Lundby, who started her career jumping publicly with precise, succinct sentences on TV, there was no doubt.

She wanted to tell everything.

It is not wise to impose any transparency requirements on every major sports star. Such health issues should be allowed to be a personal choice. But when someone chooses the front opening NS If the injury has already occurred, it is a strong contribution to making it safe with weight and sports.

Over time, she can save not only the sport of jumping, but also all other sports related to Norwegian weight.

at first For international leaps, it is important to look with a critical eye to the self. Since the skeletal photograph of about twenty years ago of German star Sven Hanwald of 183 cm in swimming trunks and 54 kg, the large sports audience has realized that this can quickly become an unbalanced sport.

For a jump sport that aspires to become a major television sport, this image can also become commercially disruptive. Therefore, sports quickly came up with the rules for the minimum body mass index (BMI).

At first The BMI limit is set at 20. If you are lighter, you should have shorter skis that provide less load-bearing capacity in the air. At that time, a maximum jumper of 175 cm was determined to have a weight of at least 61.1250 kg.

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Those who complied with the minimum were allowed to wear skates 146 percent longer than their total weight and length. Those with a BMI of less than 20 had their skis cut according to a schedule.

Later this is modified down and up. Two years ago, the BMI requirement was raised to 21, but that increase didn’t mean much. Many of them have their normal weight by cutting the length of the skates. It’s a potential shortcut because the new suit makes it easier to get away without For such long skis.

after, after Frankly Maren Lundby yesterday, it would be easier for the entire sport of jumping to get into this difficult subject again.

She is more than one Norsk Sports champion. In jumping environments around the world, Marin is the big jumper.

This situation gives weight to the fact that more and more people dare to speak frankly about the most difficult and personal,

It tells how important it is with Marin’s sincerity.

Give She won the World Cup gold in Oberstdorf last winter, I wrote a comment about how amazing Maren Lundby is as an athlete. The title wasjump after marin», and of course the great legendary skateboarding game Bjørn Wirkola and Old Norse speaking ‘jump after Wirkola’; That is, to make a feat that has already been done so well, that it becomes almost impossible for us who come next.

Today, Marin has taken this achievement much further, but this time success depends on trying as many people as possible anyway.

Nobody keeps sports alone.

It only happens if more people in and around Norwegian sports can be completely open.


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